There you go – It’s El Salvador All Over Again

HLI Says No to Salvadoran Abortion Human Life International (HLI) was thrice attacked in 2017 for supporting pro-life laws in El Salvador, twice earlier in the year by The Guardian and once in December by The Huffington Post. Because of its defense of human life and mothers and rejection of Salvadoran abortion, a rag-tag list of false . . . Read more

Abortion Supporters Continue Taking Advantage of Beatriz, Hold ‘Vigil’ to Pray for Abortion in DC

Several radical pro-abortion organizations came together in Washington, D.C., Tuesday for a “vigil” to pray for “safe, legal, affordable abortion.” This blasphemous display was held “in honor of Beatriz,” the 22-year-old Salvadoran woman abortion advocacy groups around the world have been using, and continue to use, as a prop to push for legalized abortion in . . . Read more

El Salvador Supreme Court Upholds Right to Life of Mother and Child in Beatriz Case

HLI President applauds decision The Supreme Court of El Salvador ruled 4-1 on Wednesday to uphold the country’s life-protecting laws and denied a petition to allow doctors to perform an abortion on a 22-year-old woman known only as Beatriz. In its decision, the court noted (contrary to the claims of those using Beatriz’s difficult situation . . . Read more

UN Statement Shows “Beatriz” Being Used for Full Abortion Legalization in El Salvador

It is almost depressing to think about, but there are people around the world hailed as champions of human rights who have made a career advocating for the death of their fellow humans, while those seeking the protection of all human life are labeled “cruel” and “inhuman.” This is where pro-life advocates and the Catholic . . . Read more