El Salvador: An Uncertain Future for Children and Families?

By Julia Regina de Cardenal / February 14, 2019 /
Nayib Bukele (Facebook page)

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, the citizens of El Salvador elected a new president for a five-year term: Nayib Bukele, a 37-year-old man who ran as the GANA candidate (Grand Alliance for National Unity), a party known for its centrist-right inclination. This is the first time that the GANA party has won a major election…

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HLI Campaign Aids in Huge El Salvador Victory

By Deborah M. Piroch / April 28, 2018 /
map el salvador

El Salvador Stands Firm on Abortion Ban Despite an intense push by pro-abortion forces for months, urging weakening of the El  Salvador abortion ban, the legislature adjourned April 27th without caving in to anti-life voices. Two bills which could have been under discussion were not even presented. A new, conservative, Salvadoran assembly takes office May 1st and…

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There You Go – It’s El Salvador All Over Again

By Deborah M. Piroch / January 10, 2018 /
map el salvador

HLI Says No to Salvadoran Abortion Human Life International (HLI) was thrice attacked in 2017 for supporting pro-life laws in El Salvador, twice earlier in the year by The Guardian and once in December by The Huffington Post. Because of its defense of human life and mothers and rejection of Salvadoran abortion, a rag-tag list of false…

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The Media’s “Fake News” on HLI’s Work in El Salvador

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / August 5, 2017 /
map of el salvador

“Fake news.” The term is everywhere these days. Sometimes it is abused, slapped on as a label for any news report with which a person happens to disagree, or that may even be mildly biased in one direction. Sadly, however, there are far too many cases where the glove fits. And one of those cases…

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Guardian Story Nothing But Fake News

By HLI Staff / July 28, 2017 /

“Report” Rife with Errors (HLI, Fort Royal, VA)  On July 27th, The Guardian (U.S.) published a story alleging many erroneous facts. We can report many of its claims are totally unsubstantiated or incomplete. The international pro-abortion industry has invested a lot of money trying to legalize abortion in El Salvador. To date abortion is thankfully still illegal…

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El Salvador Supreme Court Upholds Life in Beatriz Case

By Adam Cassandra / May 30, 2013 /

HLI President Applauds Decision The Supreme Court of El Salvador ruled 4-1 on Wednesday to uphold the country’s life-protecting laws and denied a petition to allow doctors to perform an abortion on a 22-year-old woman known only as Beatriz. In its decision, the court noted (contrary to the claims of those using Beatriz’s difficult situation…

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