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HLI Campaign Aids in Huge El Salvador Victory

El Salvador Stands Firm on Abortion Ban Despite an intense push by pro-abortion forces for months, urging weakening of the El  Salvador abortion ban, the legislature adjourned April 27th without caving in to anti-life voices. Two bills which could have been under discussion were not even presented. A new, conservative, Salvadoran assembly [...]

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The Media’s “Fake News” on HLI’s Work in El Salvador

'Fake news.' The term is everywhere these days. Sometimes it is abused, slapped on as a label for any news report with which a person happens to disagree, or that may even be mildly biased in one direction. Sadly, however, there are far too many cases where the glove fits. [...]

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Guardian Story Nothing But Fake News

"Report" Rife with Errors (HLI, Fort Royal, VA)  On July 27th, The Guardian (U.S.) published a story alleging many erroneous facts. We can report many of its claims are totally unsubstantiated or incomplete. The international pro-abortion industry has invested a lot of money trying to legalize abortion in El Salvador. To date [...]

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El Salvador Supreme Court Upholds Life in Beatriz Case

HLI President Applauds Decision The Supreme Court of El Salvador ruled 4-1 on Wednesday to uphold the country’s life-protecting laws and denied a petition to allow doctors to perform an abortion on a 22-year-old woman known only as Beatriz. In its decision, the court noted (contrary to the claims of [...]

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