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Ultrasound Saves Four out of Five Babies in Ireland

KNOCK, Ireland -- Ultrasounds may not be considered essential in pre-abortion assessments at reproductive health clinics, where profits are only made when women follow through with abortions. But they are essential life-saving tools for Human Life International Ireland. With the unprecedented detail of a baby growing in the womb that [...]

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Another Kind of Dictatorship Reveals the Truth in Albania

Dr. Gjoni, Bishop Msgr. Ottavio Vitale from Lezhe, Albania, and HLI's Joannes Bucher. LEZHE, Albania -- Shortly after Pope Francis had visited this country in 2014 with its “long path of suffering,” notably under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, I gave a talk in Lezhë, a mostly Catholic [...]

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What If There Were Alternatives to Abortion?

Of course, there are alternatives to abortion. But what if they were promoted instead of the more profitable choice? What if Planned Parenthood, instead of hiding their true profit center with the offer of free pregnancy tests, something available at every crisis pregnancy center, instead offered free maternity clothes to [...]

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UN Rejects Pope Francis’ Call for Openness to Life

Ireland really is in a heated battle on the cultural front. The abuse scandal hit the Church particularly hard in Ireland, and this once-Catholic nation has rapidly secularized, with polls on life and family changing dramatically in just the last few years, all in the wrong direction. Of course, the [...]

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A Huge Victory for Life in Poland!

The voice of the Polish people has been heard. The “Stop Abortion” citizens’ initiative, which had received 450,000 signatures from Polish citizens, has cleared its first hurdle in the parliamentary process this morning by a very wide margin. The “Stop Abortion” proposal was one of three citizens initiatives—proposals that receive [...]

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What a Strong Bishop Can Do

This week saw a rare victory in the international battle for truth and religious freedom. You may have heard that Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, archbishop of Valencia in Spain, had been threatened with legal action following a controversial homily he gave some months ago. In the homily, he criticized the [...]

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Religious Freedom this Memorial Day

After decades of catastrophic birth rates -- the consequence of birth control and abortion, disdain for the natural family, the rejection of God and natural law, and population decline paralleled by an aging society -- Europe is facing a cultural, demographic, and economic crisis. This does not only impact the [...]