Hungary’s Pro-Life Campaign “Incompatible With EU Values”

Members of the European Parliament are asking Hungary to cease a pro-life ad campaign which was at least partially financed with EU funds that were for “anti-discrimination” campaigns. “Using EU money from the Progress programme or any other EU source to promote an anti-abortion campaign is an abuse and is incompatible with EU values,” French . . . Read more

Demography and Life: Quo Vadis, Europa?

I. Demographic Basics — As long as we do not understand the causes of our birth deficit and identify them candidly, there will be no change for the better Europe is dying. There is no avoiding this simple fact: the entire continent is racing full speed ahead towards self-extinction. Assuming that the current statistics persists (a fertility rate of 1.3), Europe will be entirely uninhabited at some point in the next two . . . Read more