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Fatima Centenary Still Resonates

Fr. Francesco Giordano, Director of HLI's Rome Office, Prays at Fatima The Sacred Versus Profane Though the Fatima centenary is just past, the Marian apparitions hold on-going resonance, as they can be understood as signaling the battle between good and evil, between the sacred and the profane. During the [...]

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The Message of Fatima, the Family, and the Crisis of Modesty

One hundred years ago, the sun danced. Nowadays you might read people like atheist Richard Dawkins dismissing the miracle in Fatima as a "mass hysteria." Far more likely, however, you won't hear about it at all. Or if you do, the media will be sure to give you only half [...]

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Fatima and the ‘Final Battle’ over Marriage

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra – who died just a few weeks ago – revealed in 2008 that shortly after Pope John Paul II charged him with founding the Pontifical Institute for the Studies on Marriage and the Family he had written to Fatima visionary, Sr. Lucia, asking for her prayers. To [...]

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Why Fatima Matters in the Battle for Life and Family

The message of Fatima is, in its basic nucleus, a call to conversion and repentance, as in the Gospel. This call was uttered at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it was addressed particularly to this present century . . . . The call to repentance is a motherly one, [...]

Prayer Warriors Called to Fatima’s International Prayer Congress for Life

July 1, 2015 -- Johannes Bucher recognizes the providential link between this year’s 7th International Prayer Congress for Life and the Synod of the Family, both held this coming October. Joannes Bucher represents HLI for European pro-life activities and mission work. “With contemptible assaults increasing against life and [...]

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