Prayer Vigil in Ukraine Saved this Little Girl’s Life

By HLI Staff / September 21, 2021 /

Vigil participants rescued this newborn from a dumpster near the local abortion clinic. Prayer saves lives. Often, we don’t know whose life, or where, or when. But this time God put a little life right into our hands to show how powerful prayers are. God Used this Vigil to Rescue an Abandoned Baby Girl One…

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Pro-life Missionary in Uganda Helped Jane Escape Abortion

By HLI Staff / August 27, 2021 /

With help from Fr. Opio, this whole family learned that every life is a gift. Generous gifts from our supporters change the lives of people all the way across the world. One of them is Jane, a college student from Uganda. Jane Needed Help to Keep her Baby Jane and her boyfriend made a mistake.…

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This Romanian Abortionist Converted into a Pro-Life Leader!

By HLI Staff / August 21, 2021 /

With support from HLI, Alyona is helping her family and community respect life. Talking to Alyona now, it’s hard to imagine that she used to be an abortionist. Before she found HLI Ukraine, she spent 20 years ending pre-born lives. But when our missionaries taught her the value of every human life, she knew she…

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Pro-Family Message Healed this Broken Marriage

By HLI Staff / June 17, 2021 /

Now Alina’s daughter will grow up with a father in her home. “I didn’t understand why we argued so much, so I filed for divorce.” Alina was making the biggest mistake of her life. Her husband loved her, but she had no idea how to work through the conflicts. So she took her four-year-old daughter…

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HLI Missionary Attacked for Supporting Pro-Life Candidates

By HLI Staff / May 27, 2021 /
flag of uganda

Unfazed, Fr. Opio of HLI Uganda prepares to launch a chastity education bill in Parliament. As Fr. Opio unlocked his car, a rock sailed past his head and smashed the windshield. The thug accused him of foiling the re-election of Monica Amoding to the Ugandan parliament. Then he ran off. A bystander told Fr. Opio…

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New ‘Heartbeat Law’ Passes with Help of HLI Hungary!

By HLI Staff / May 20, 2021 /

The new law will save an estimated 5,000 children from abortion every year. In a clinic in Hungary, a mother asks for an abortion. She just found out that she’s pregnant. She’s frightened. She doesn’t see herself as a mother. As a part of the preparation process for the abortion, the doctor performs an ultrasound.…

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Bringing the Gospel of Life to a Miami Abortion Mill

By HLI Staff / April 29, 2021 /
sunset in miami, florida

Adriana Thurdekoos of HLI Miami prays at Eve Medical every week. This time, she had a chance to save a life. “Mama, that’s my friend going into the abortion mill.” Adriana looked up in surprise and saw the girl her daughter was pointing to. It was her classmate Trini, looking miserable as her mother Marta…

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Congratulations on Your Landmark Victory in Poland!

By Lech and Ewa Kowalewski / November 20, 2020 /

Thanks to you, Polish children with life-threatening illnesses will get care, not abortion. This October, the Polish Supreme Court declared eugenic abortion illegal! Last year, 1,074 pre-born babies were killed in Poland after being diagnosed with diseases such as Down’s syndrome. Now, thanks to you, children like them are protected by law. The eugenic murder…

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You Blocked Abortion-on-Demand in Kenya!

By Fr. Samuel Gatimu / September 1, 2020 /
Kenya Protester

When you give, Life wins. 100 more countries still need your help. This summer, you brought Kenyan pro-lifers together to flatten a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand. Over the years, your generous support raised a firm foundation of respect for life in Kenya. Planned Parenthood Global took a swing at it and…

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The Difference a Day Made

By Deborah M. Piroch / December 12, 2018 /
judith leonard and daughter jenista

(HLI Tanzania) – HLI saves lives at the grassroots level. It’s that important to us. Emil Hagamu, HLI Regional Director for English-speaking Africa, began receiving some text or email messages about a year ago. They came from a young woman, and he couldn’t recall where he’d met her. But her messages were full of good…

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