Pro-life Conference Inspired Tarence to Become a Priest!

By HLI Staff / July 25, 2021 /

Pro-life Conference Inspired Tarence to Become a Priest! HLI Malaysia taught this young man the value of life. Now he wants to do the same for others. The Asia Pacific Conference was the turning point for Tarence’s vocation. His faith life had been on an upward spiral since HLI Malaysia started visiting his high school.…

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HLI Tanzania Helped this Father Raise a Pro-Life Family

By HLI Staff / June 22, 2021 /
tanzania flag

Now Paschal wants to share the Gospel of Life with his whole village. At an event our donors sponsored, Paschal made a promise that would change his life forever. This was the first time he learned about the population control movement. Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania came to Paschal’s village. He showed the community they…

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Conference in the Philippines Rekindles Faith

By HLI Staff / June 19, 2021 /
flag of the philippines

Elrinda’s surprise conversion brings a new ally to the pro-life cause. Elrinda Lopez had no interest in the pro-life mission. She came to this conference for another reason. Her husband had died, and she spent months of lockdown alone in her home. When the restrictions eased, HLI was among the first groups to start hosting…

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Pro-Life Message Changed Hearts of Teachers at Canossa High School

By HLI Staff / April 29, 2021 /

Theresia is ready to heal her marriage, and have another baby. On January 12th, Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania visited Canossa High School to speak to the teachers. Last year’s talk was such a success that Sr. Leocardia, the school director, asked Emil to return. She said, “some of my staff became pregnant in the…

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Youth Conference Inspires 5 Religious Vocations

By HLI Staff / March 18, 2021 /

While Population Control Groups Attack this Parish, HLI is Building their Faith. What an incredible mission! Elmina Kalunga of HLI Tanzania gave a three-day youth conference at the Catholic parish in Bokombe village. Missionaries don’t often make it to this remote part of Tanzania, and the people there were eager to learn. Elmina started by…

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You Sparked a Friendship that Saved a Marriage

By Ligaya Acosta, PhD / October 23, 2020 /

At an event you sponsored, Maria found the help she needed to forgive her husband. You support pro-life conferences that teach God’s plan for life and family to people the world over. But that’s not all. They also turn strangers into friends who help each other on their journey to holiness. At every event, God…

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HLI India Preaches the Catechism

By Deborah M. Piroch / September 15, 2017 /
india map

Catechism of the Catholic Church There is a lack of moral clarity and at times even gross ignorance among members of the Catholic Church today.  Human Life International’s (HLI) affiliate in Goa, India has just held its 55th Catechetical Retreat, in an ongoing attempt to educate the faithful. Started twenty years ago, with just eleven…

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Good Morning, Vietnam!

By Brian Clowes, PhD / November 19, 2015 /
flag of vietnam

“Jesus Christ brought us freedom from sin; America brought us freedom to sin.” ― Archbishop Emeritus Jean-Baptiste Cardinal Pham Minh Mân of Saigon. Ligaya Acosta and I stepped out of Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport and into the blazing heat of Vietnam. We had just traveled from Bangkok, where we conducted a one-day pro-life conference…

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Mission to Nchombe Parish Awakens Faithful

By Emil Hagamu / July 8, 2015 /
nchombe children africa

Situated on the picturesque foothills of the Udzungwa Mountains, Nchombe is a small town in the Ifakara Diocese of Tanzania. On visiting Nchombe it is difficult to miss a striking contrast.  Despite the abundant fertile and arable land, the local people in this area still live a life of abject poverty. At the invitation of…

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Impact of HLI’s Pro-Life Missions

By HLI Staff / February 27, 2015 /
catholic african children

Many communities around the world are turning to HLI’s pro-life missionaries – women and men with significant experience in developing strategies to confront the Culture of Death and laying the groundwork for a Culture of Life. Together they discuss how “safe sex” leads to the wide use of contraception, which inevitably leads to the relatively new…

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