Evangelizing to the New Faces of Mozambique

No Abortion Since Colonial Times…until 2014 Word reached HLI in July, 2007 that the parliament of Mozambique had very quietly introduced an abortion bill. Before becoming law, the bill still required a presidential signature to legalize death to the unborn. Though abortion had been illegal since colonial times, pro-abortionists called for unlimited abortion through 12 . . . Read more

HLI Tanzania: Model for Pro-Life Action

Once you attack children, you attack the nation… We don’t need condoms. We don’t need contraception. We don’t need abortion. – Emil Hagamu, director of English-speaking Africa for Human Life International   Emil Hagamu is one of millions of Africans who increasingly wonder what wealthy Western nations want from Africa. All over the continent, the . . . Read more

HLI President: SCOTUS Rulings Don’t Change True Definition of Marriage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 26, 2013 – CONTACT: Adam Cassandra 540-622-5230 – acassandra@hli.org – www.hli.org FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – Human Life International President Father Shenan J. Boquet expressed disappointment today with the United States Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, but said that no matter what the . . . Read more

A People Who Can’t Say “No”

The annual celebrations of the Church are her way of bringing the temporal and the eternal into conversation, allowing us to, if you will, listen in to what Our Lord is telling the Church, again. Last Friday’s Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is another such occasion, an especially poignant one for . . . Read more

Homosexuality and the Theology of the Body Part II

This is the second of a two-part series on how Blessed Pope John Paul II’s the Theology of the Body can be used to help young, confused Catholics to understand the true nature of marriage. Part I is here. True love is demanding. The source of the beauty of this love is its demanding nature. . . . Read more

HLI Grateful for Clarification on Civil Unions and “Anti-Homosexual” Laws

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2013 – CONTACT: Stephen Phelan 540-622-5270 – SPhelan@hli.org – www.hli.org FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – Following is a statement from Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, on the clarification by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia with regard to how some of his recent comments as reported by Catholic News Service . . . Read more

Male and Female He Created Them: Gender Is Not a Choice

(Zenit.org) – November 2012 marked the first time gender identity was included as a specific protected classification in a United Nations General Assembly anti-discrimination resolution. This wording is significant because it elevates gender identity to the same level as race, creed, religion and sexual orientation. Yet this term is ambiguous and there is no clear . . . Read more

Lawmakers: If You Don’t Want to be Gay, Too Bad

The push by Democrat lawmakers to discriminate against people seeking help to leave homosexual lifestyles just went national. Their message: If you don’t want to be gay anymore, well that’s just too bad. In another example of lawmakers actually creating an environment of intolerance while trying to legislate tolerance, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) introduced a . . . Read more

Major Errors in “Report” from Far Left Group Reveal Bias, Undermine own Credibility

While there are too many baseless assertions and ridiculously biased characterizations of Human Life International’s (HLI) work in the “report” released this week by Political Research Associates (a far left “progressive think tank” based on Boston, MA) to refute one by one, we feel obliged to get some of the more egregious errors on the . . . Read more