Malta Furious with Council of Europe

Abortion Has No Business in Malta Abortion is illegal in Malta and the populace plans to keep it that way. In fact, before the country  joined the European Union (EU), it received assurances that the nation would not be pressured to legalize abortion. Now the Council of Europe is interjecting itself into Maltese affairs. Now . . . Read more

Conscience and Health Care Workers

This is the second of Dr. Joseph Meaney’s five-part series on conscience, the third installment in HLI’s Educational Series. We invite you to read our other two series on contraception and marriage and family. To hear Dr. Meaney’s recent short talk on conscience with HLI staff and leadership, click here.   In part one of . . . Read more

Marching for Life in Europe

“All over the world, for the last fifty years, millions and millions of people have taken the streets to say, ‘we believe in life, we believe in family and we believe in the future of our country.’ And I think this is very positive, especially in Central and Eastern Europe,” Dr. Joseph Meaney told Croatian . . . Read more

The Economic Impact of Abortion

(Vatican Radio) — In his teaching on reaching out to the poor and the marginalized, Pope Francis has stressed that human dignity must not be sacrificed for profits. But some advocates of population control argue that abortion benefits the economy and the common good. At a conference in Rome on Thursday, Joseph Meaney, the Director . . . Read more

Marchers in Paris Protest Abortion, Euthanasia, Anti-Family Policies

PARIS, France — January 25, 2015 — A throng of 45,000 pro-lifers joined the global pro-life movement at Paris’ 10th annual March for Life, held Sunday, January 25. The crowd met to oppose the country’s pro-abortion laws and increasingly aggressive anti-life policies envisioned by the government. Organized by “Marche pour la Vie,” the annual march . . . Read more