Still Marching, Still Building the Pro-Life Movement

I want first to thank you all for your prayers! Dr. Brian Clowes and I have met up with HLI’s Anglophone Africa director Emil Hagamu and HLI Kenya Director Father Raphael Wanjohi in Nairobi. As usual, we hit the ground running, and have encamped in Karen just outside Nairobi, where we are staying with the . . . Read more

The Attack on Africa Continues

I wonder how many have heard about the strange “condom controversy” underway in Kenya. It began when Doctor Nelson Muiru of the National AIDS Control Council made a strange series of claims. He admits that his organization is in possession of a banner that was stolen from Human Life International’s Kenyan affiliate, adding that the . . . Read more

Over 500lbs of Pro-Life Resources Heading to Kenya!

From our world headquarters in Front Royal, Virginia, Human Life International ships pro-life materials to our affiliates around the world. From books and educational pamphlets to prayer cards and DVDs, HLI supplies our pro-life missionaries with the tools they need to reach hearts and minds in the battle to defend and protect the sacredness of . . . Read more

HLI Kenya Spreads Gospel of Life at Nairobi Trade Fair

For the past several years, Human Life International Kenya has participated in the annual Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF). This is one of HLI Kenya’s most important annual events as it provides an opportunity to reach a very large number of people with the pro-life message. HLI Kenya purchases an exhibitor booth where pro-lifers provide . . . Read more

African Pro-Life Leaders: President Obama Not a Blessing for Africa

Advocates for life and family in the United States were obviously disappointed to learn that the Obama administration’s policies supporting abortion and the redefinition of marriage around the world will continue for another four years. But pro-life leaders in Africa are also expressing great concern over how U.S. influence on government leaders and policies in . . . Read more

U.S. Politics and the Culture of Death

Election season is upon us, and politics is on everyone’s mind. There is always a lot at stake come election time: the direction of the country, the economy, wars and foreign affairs. For Catholics and pro-life activists, this year’s presidential election is especially crucial if we are to protect and maintain our constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberties, . . . Read more

Not Empowering, Just Destructive

Who will prevent public authorities from favoring those contraceptive methods which they consider more effective? Should they regard this as necessary, they may even impose their use on everyone. It could well happen, therefore, that when people, either individually or in family or social life, experience the inherent difficulties of the divine law and are . . . Read more

Kenyan Bishops Say Gates Foundation Plan “Dangerous and Could Lead to Destruction of the Human Race”

Catholic bishops in Kenya are pushing back hard against the Kenyan government’s involvement in a campaign orchestrated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the British government to spend billions on promoting contraceptives in the developing world. “The drive by foreign agencies … to target millions of girls and women in Africa . . . Read more

A Saint for Africa, and for the West: How the Story of St. Bakhita Is Being Replayed Today

( – When Josephine Bakhita died in 1947, thousands of Italians passed her funeral bier to pay respects to a simple woman who had achieved great renown for her kindness. To this day, the people of Schio, Italy, honor now-Saint Josephine, a former African slave, with the title “Nostra Madre Moretta,” which means “Our Black . . . Read more