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HLI Colombia Helps Stop “Baby Factories”

by Gladys Buitrago de Amaya, President of HLI Colombia In 2018, the Colombian Congress presented a bill to authorize the establishment of medical facilities to collect human gametes (sperms and eggs) and to transfer them to women or their sexual partners. The facilities would also use reproductive technologies, such as [...]

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HLI Gives Pro-Life Testimony in Puerto Rico

Background (HLI – Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico’s pro-abortionists were taken by surprise in May with the filing of Senate legislative bill 950 titled, “Law for the Protection of Women and Preservation of Life,” its purpose to set limits to reduce abortion access in the country. Given that Puerto Rico is [...]

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Argentina’s Victory. Now the War Continues.

We just witnessed how the Argentine people achieved great victory in their fight against the Culture of Death. They rejected the vilest of legislation: a bill that would have authorized the murder of those who incapable of defending themselves. Not only were there mass mobilizations throughout the country, including solidarity [...]

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Argentina – Hope to All Pro-Lifers

Argentina Legislators Choose Life Over Death After the recent fall of Catholic Ireland to the abortion regime, pro-abortion forces appeared confident that they could gain another victory for their ideology – this time Catholic Argentina. Instead, after a bill was introduced to legalize abortion-on-demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, [...]

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HLI Applauds Miraculous Argentina Vote Upholding Sanctity of Human Life

For Immediate Release Date: August 9, 2018 Contact: Deborah Piroch, HLI Director of Public Relations Email: Author: Dr. Oscar Botta, Pediatriation, Public Health Specialist and President, HLI Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - In the early hours of the morning, pro-life Senators were able to defeat the pro-abortion bill passed [...]

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HLI Campaign Aids in Huge El Salvador Victory

El Salvador Stands Firm on Abortion Ban Despite an intense push by pro-abortion forces for months, urging weakening of the El  Salvador abortion ban, the legislature adjourned April 27th without caving in to anti-life voices. Two bills which could have been under discussion were not even presented. A new, conservative, Salvadoran assembly [...]

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Battling Abortion in Bolivia

Covert Attempt to Legalize Abortion Abortion has long been illegal in Bolivia except in cases of rape, incest and the mother’s “health.” But on the United Nation's so-called International "Safe" Abortion Day, September 28, 2017,  the Chamber of Deputies covertly decriminalized abortion.  The bill alters Bolivia's Penal Code, with Key Article [...]

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The Media’s “Fake News” on HLI’s Work in El Salvador

'Fake news.' The term is everywhere these days. Sometimes it is abused, slapped on as a label for any news report with which a person happens to disagree, or that may even be mildly biased in one direction. Sadly, however, there are far too many cases where the glove fits. [...]

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Guardian Story Nothing But Fake News

"Report" Rife with Errors (HLI, Fort Royal, VA)  On July 27th, The Guardian (U.S.) published a story alleging many erroneous facts. We can report many of its claims are totally unsubstantiated or incomplete. The international pro-abortion industry has invested a lot of money trying to legalize abortion in El Salvador. To date [...]

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