Malta Furious with Council of Europe

Abortion Has No Business in Malta Abortion is illegal in Malta and the populace plans to keep it that way. In fact, before the country  joined the European Union (EU), it received assurances that the nation would not be pressured to legalize abortion. Now the Council of Europe is interjecting itself into Maltese affairs. Now . . . Read more

Psalm 73, Today

We are back in Rome after a very uplifting, challenging, though too quick trip to Malta. Even in this traditionally strong Catholic and pro-life fortress the Culture of Death is confident and active. Our partners in Malta have been very creative and resourceful in achieving certain victories, but some battles have been lost as well. . . . Read more

Polish Women Seek Complete Ban on Abortion

A movement of Polish women journalists seeks to end abortion under any circumstance in Poland “for the restoration of moral order.” “The current Polish abortion law allows abortion of fetuses considered sick or handicapped. Any law which does not protect the most helpless and defenseless members of society is barbaric,” the Open Letter from Women . . . Read more