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The LGBT Doctrine of Intolerance

Normalizing LGBT Ideology A depressingly true image has been making the rounds on social media. I can’t seem to find the original right now. But if I recall correctly, the text on the image goes something like this: “2009: How will legalizing gay marriage personally affect you? 2019: Celebrate this [...]

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HLI Co-Sponsors Commemoration of 25th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family

Human Life International (HLI) marked the importance of the Family at a high-level event at the United Nations’ (UN) headquarters in New York, by co-sponsoring an side event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of the International Year of the Family. Dr. Joseph Meaney represented HLI and delivered an [...]

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Transgender Ideology is “Totalitarian”

Wake Up to the Threat A so-called “human rights tribunal” in Canada has just ruled that a Christian activist must pay $55,000 to a provincial politician because he referred to this politician as a “biological male” in a political pamphlet. The politician in question, Morgane Oger (born Ronan Oger), is [...]

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Gender Ideology, a Radical Attack on Family

Negative Impact upon Families, Children, and Society.” Gender theory is an error of the human mind that leads to so much confusion. —  Pope Francis The speed with which gender ideology has grown from the radical fringe to a movement dominating our media, legislation, education and entertainment is nothing less [...]

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Catholic Charities Need Not Apply

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that once again, Catholic social services providing foster care children in the “City of Brotherly Love” have been rejected by the city as a provider, because the Catholic Faith disallows placement of children with same-sex couples. This although the Church is the largest provider of [...]

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Philadelphia Rejects Catholic Social Services over LGBT Interests

What Happened to the City of Brotherly Love? The Catholic Church has long been a pioneer in serving those in need with its social services. Hospitals, orphanages, schools and, yes, foster care, are all areas in which the Church serves the needy. Now Catholic News Agency is reporting that the [...]

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Ontario Psychology Professor Hits Last Nerve of Gender Police

“Idea of a University” Runs Amok St. Thomas Aquinas wrote his Summa Contra Gentiles principally for the Mohammedans (Muslims).  As they did not accept the authority of either the Old or New Testaments he wrote, “We must, therefore, have recourse to the natural reason, to which all men are forced [...]

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The Homophile Agenda and the Attack on Free Speech

Anyone who is concerned about the influence of the homosexual agenda on reshaping traditional values must become intimately familiar with the major tactics that homophiles commonly employ in order to anticipate them and respond in charity and truth. Homophile strategists are very adept at manipulating public opinion with an arsenal [...]

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  • President of Tanzania expresses openness to life

President of Tanzania Expresses Openness to Life

“Not too early, not too late; not too many and not too close.” This is the guideline that population control groups give to many women starting their families in Tanzania. The new president, however, has signaled that his administration will push instead for policies that demonstrate openness to life. According [...]

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