Defending Life after 100 Years of Legal Abortion

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / November 16, 2020 /

In her apparition to Sister Lucia on July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima told her, “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.” This statement has generally…

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Rosary at the Borders

By Deborah M. Piroch / October 11, 2017 /
rosary on the bible

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary Honored October 7th, 2017 marked “Rosary at the Borders,” the largest prayer event since World Youth Day in Krakow last year. The date was chosen to honor the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Estimated hundreds of thousands to one million joined together in prayer for peace…

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Consecration is the Answer

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / May 20, 2017 /
Blessed Virgin

These last few days in Rome have been both difficult and edifying. As leaders come together for the Rome Life Forum and today’s March for Life, there is both a certain sense of urgency and a shared sense of faith and trust in Our Lord. There is much to say here – far more than…

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Why Fatima Matters in the Battle for Life and Family

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / May 13, 2017 /
statue our lady of fatima

The message of Fatima is, in its basic nucleus, a call to conversion and repentance, as in the Gospel. This call was uttered at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it was addressed particularly to this present century . . . . The call to repentance is a motherly one, and at the same time…

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