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The Church as a Sign of Contradiction

In an evil age, the love of Our Lord is a sign of contradiction. Even when you speak His truth with love and peace, those who drift along with the spirit of the age will often see your stand as a failure, or worse. Laypeople have a special responsibility in [...]

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HLI on the Adoption of “SOGIE” in Mandaue, Philippines

HLI condemns the unjust and ironically-named “Anti-Discriminatory Ordinance for People of Diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE)”, approved by the Mandaue City Council earlier this month. Whatever the intention of those who approved it, this ordinance utilizes language now routinely invoked to persecute Christians worldwide. We have [...]

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A “Pro-Life City?”

During HLI's recent 20th Asia-Pacific Congress for Life, Faith, and Family (ASPAC) in Taiwan, I had the joy and honor of visiting with Mayor Sally Lee of Sorsogon City, Philippines. I first met this longtime friend of HLI and great defender of life and family in 2013 during the 19th [...]

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HLI Leader Exposes Latest Secularist Threats to Filipino Culture

CEBU CITY, Philippines – “Faithful Filipinos must be completely convicted and vigilant in the struggle ahead,” Dr. Rene Bullecer told 500 lay leaders gathered to learn how to combat the anti-faith and anti-life agendas penetrating Filipino culture. Dr. Bullecer organizes pro-life recollection event to encourage the faithful to defend [...]

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HLI’s Dr. Ligaya Acosta Challenges Faithful at March for Life

Defending life and family, Dr. Ligaya challenges the faithful at March for Life event. As keynote speaker for the first ever March for Life organized by the Diocese of Caceres in Naga City, Philippines, I was amazed at the overwhelming number of participants. 1,500 marchers exceeded expectations! The [...]

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Rally Exposes Philippines Divorce Activism

Dr. Rene Bullecer leads rally to protect marriages against legalized divorce campaign in Cebu. CEBU, Philippines — A campaign to say "no" to legalized divorce is underway in the Philippines as pro-family advocates find ways to educate Filipinos on the country’s proposed House Bill 1799. HLI Philippines country director [...]

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Inspired by ASPAC, Filipino Mayor Declares City Pro-Life

Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee with husband, Governor Raul Lee -- both are pro-life advocates! SORSOGON CITY, Philippines -- Mayor Sally Lee declared Sorsogon City a “Pro-Life City” on February 2, in honor of pro-life month in the Philippines. The executive order highlights pertinent provisions of the Philippine Constitution, which [...]

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Pope Francis Challenges Filipinos to Hold Traditional Family Sacred

Dr. Ligaya attends Filipino event with Pope Francis: Encounter with Families When Pope Francis arrived late afternoon in the Philippines on January 15, church bells simultaneously rang and a predominantly Catholic Filipino people gave an enthusiastic welcome to the 78-year-old leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.  It was [...]

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True Story I – The Philippines: Preserving a Culture of Life

In December 2012, the Congress of the Philippines finally passed the destructive RH Bill and it was signed into law by President Beningno Aquino. In April 2014 the Supreme Court of the Philippines struck down several provisions of the law, but some of the most objectionable parts were upheld. The [...]

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Bill Gates’ Condom Contest Will Ensure Continued AIDS Crisis

Bill Gates, the man who brought you a new and improved “third world” toilet and microwaves to treat malaria, is now, through his Grand Exploration Challenges program, offering up to $100,000 for a new and improved condom. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is concerned that many men do not [...]