The Maputo Protocol: To be Remembered but Not Celebrated

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / July 6, 2012 /
Terrestrial Globe Planet Global Globe Earth

On July 11, 2003, the Assembly of the African Union in Maputo, Mozambique adopted a document entitled, “Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.” This document, better known as “The Maputo Protocol,” set into motion an agenda that has radically impacted the African continent, and…

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Taxpayer-Funded Sex-Selection Abortions Available in Hawaii

By Adam Cassandra / June 13, 2012 /

An undercover video released today by Live Action shows employees at two Planned Parenthood locations in Hawaii arranging sex-selective abortions, and advising that Hawaii taxpayers could pay for the procedure. The Planned Parenthood Maui Clinic worker tells the woman filming the undercover video to wait for a late-term abortion to make sure that the baby…

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Arizona Clinics Schedule Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions

By Adam Cassandra / June 6, 2012 /
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In a new undercover video released today by Live Action, staff members at two National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinics in Arizona are shown advising a young woman seeking a sex-selection abortion to deny her motives and schedule the procedures despite a 2011 Arizona law that makes it a felony knowingly to perform or refer for…

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New Video on Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Selective Abortion

By Adam Cassandra / May 31, 2012 /
baby twin girls black and white

Yesterday, Live Action released an undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counselor in Austin, Texas encouraging a woman to obtain an abortion after it was made clear that she was only interested in obtaining an abortion if the baby was a girl. Today, a second undercover video has been released by Live Action…

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Africans Must Resist Population Control

By Emil Hagamu / June 7, 2011 /
namibian mother and child

Africa, which historically has always been a continent vibrant with life, rich in family and cultural values and blessed with a steadily growing population, is now under siege by Western anti-life and anti-family population control mongers. And to be frank, one of the main weapons they use against the African people is their money. Because…

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