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Senate Rejects Ban on Aborting Babies Who Can Feel Pain

During his speech to this year's March for Life, President Trump called on Congress to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The proposed law does exactly what the name suggests it does - it bans killing unborn babies at the point when science shows they can almost certainly feel [...]

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Defending the Truth about Marriage and Family

Ever since St. John Paul II created the World Meeting of Families in 1994, the tri-annual event has served as a powerful celebration of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the nature and value of the family. That’s why I was so distressed to hear about the confusing information included in [...]

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On World AIDS Day: Condoms the Problem, Not the Solution

Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International (HLI), released the following statement today to mark the occasion of World AIDS Day 2016: “Despite enormous medical advancements over the past decades to combat HIV/AIDS, many of our brothers and sisters around the world continue to suffer, and the spread [...]

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Loving the Person, Not the Error

In the wake of the shocking murder of 49 of our brothers and sisters in Orlando last weekend, many expressions of sympathy and calls to prayer were issued by people of all faiths, including, of course, Catholics. Given how divided our nation has become, it was not surprising that ideologues [...]

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A Revolution Based on a Lie

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20) How much more bizarre can our society get? It's a question that many have been asking for a long time, [...]

Kenyan Bishops Rebuke “Catholics for Choice” on Condoms

This past spring, an American group called “Catholics for Choice” (CFC) invaded Kenya with their “Condoms4choice” campaign. Through the use of billboards and news articles, this program is spreading the message that “good Catholics use condoms.” With this program, CFC is especially advertising the use of condoms as an acceptable [...]

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Benedict XVI’s Legacy of Defending Marriage, and “Frozen Babies”

Pope Benedict XVI will be remembered for his strong defense of marriage during his pontificate and his stance against freezing human embryos according to Human Life International (HLI) Rome Office Director Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro and HLI Director of International Coordination Joseph Meaney in a recent interview with EWTN/Catholic News Agency. [...]

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Benedict and Nicholas: What Fierce Love of Christ Looks Like

Yesterday was the feast day of ol’ Saint Nick, falling within what Catholics and many non-Catholic Christians celebrate as Advent, a season of preparation for the birth of Our Savior. Much of the rest of the United States has designated the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas as “the Holidays” which [...]

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The Story of St. Josephine Bakhita Being Replayed Today

(Zenit.org) - When Josephine Bakhita died in 1947, thousands of Italians passed her funeral bier to pay respects to a simple woman who had achieved great renown for her kindness. To this day, the people of Schio, Italy, honor now-Saint Josephine, a former African slave, with the title "Nostra Madre [...]

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