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Why Say a Pro-Life Rosary?

In 1937, Pope Pius XI wrote that the Rosary is “a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight, to preserve the integrity of life, to acquire virtue more easily, and . . . to attain real peace among men.” October is not only the month of the Rosary, but [...]

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Life and Death – A Different Worldview

Two Diametrically Opposed Visions In a lyrical essay originally published in Crisis Magazine, Catholic philosopher and Senior Fellow of Human Life International, Donald DeMarco, Ph.D., poignantly paints the stark division between the pro-life worldview, and the worldview espoused by the Culture of Death. Invoking T.S. Eliot’s seminal poem The Waste [...]

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The Crisis Pregnancy Center Movement

"Speak, yourself, on behalf of the dumb, on behalf of all the unwanted; speak, yourself, pronounce a just verdict, uphold the rights of the poor, of the needy." ~ Proverbs 31:8-9 The Origin of American Crisis Pregnancy Centers The organized American pro-life movement has a very long and honorable history.  It [...]

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Why Don’t Pro-Life Groups Merge?

Since the mid-1970s, efficiency-minded pro-lifers have asked why all of the major pro-life groups in the United States don’t merge into one colossal organization. This move would certainly have several major advantages.  It would probably be more financially efficient, it would eliminate much duplication of effort, it would be very [...]

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Does Pro-Life Rhetoric Lead to Violence?

Pro-abortionists frequently tell us to keep our opinions ― and even our science ― to ourselves. They say that we must not refer to abortionists as “baby killers” and to abortion as “murder.” 'Catholics’ for a Free Choice goes even further, claiming that anyone who says that preborn children are [...]

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Why Do Pro-Lifers Stop Caring about Children after They’re Born?

Is it true that the anti-abortion side is "pro-life until you're born?" One of the misperceptions deliberately spread by promoters of the Culture of Death is that pro-life and pro-family activists are hypocrites because their actions do not match their philosophy.  If this idea gains traction, our message can be [...]

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