Pro-Lifers are Pro-Woman

Abortion is often called the “pro-woman” choice. Pro-lifers find themselves accused of both “denying” women the right to choose and of being strictly pro-birth, not caring about what happens to the mother or child after birth. One of the many problems with these charges is the widely supported work of crisis pregnancy centers around the . . . Read more

Pro-Life Passion Leads Former HLI Staff Member to Postulancy

On Hollywood Avenue in the Bronx, New York, a growing community of women religious serve an order with a charism for life. One of our own, Theresa Tolpa, who worked for Human Life International from 2008-2011, returned recently to HLI headquarters in Front Royal, VA while preparing to enter the Sisters of Life as a discerning postulant. She will live with . . . Read more

A Catholic Obligation to Vote November 4

“We encourage all citizens, particularly Catholics, to embrace their citizenship not merely as a duty and privilege, but as an opportunity meaningfully to participate in building the Culture of Life. Every voice matters in the public forum. Every vote counts. Every act of responsible citizenship is an exercise of significant individual power.”  – United States Conference of . . . Read more

Evil Cannot Be Hidden

“We pray for an end to senseless violence and dawn of peace and reconciliation among all members of the human family.” – Pope Francis: August 25, 2014 The slaughter of Christians and religious minorities in Syria and Iraq by a group known as the “Islamic State” is horrific news. Images of crucifixions, beheadings, the burials . . . Read more

HLI Tanzania: Model for Pro-Life Action

Once you attack children, you attack the nation . . . . We don’t need condoms. We don’t need contraception. We don’t need abortion. – Emil Hagamu, director of English-speaking Africa for Human Life International   Emil Hagamu is one of millions of Africans who increasingly wonder what wealthy Western nations want from Africa. All . . . Read more

How Rich is the Pro-Life Movement?

For decades, pro-abortionists have painted pro-lifers as a bunch of rich old white men intent upon controlling women’s bodies and lives.  Their websites and blogs repeat endlessly what Anne Nicol Gaylor said in her 1975 book Abortion is a Blessing: Had the proponents of legal abortion had the access to money, to schools and churches, . . . Read more

View from the Canonization of John Paul II

Newly proclaimed Saint John Paul II was an inspiration for pro-lifers worldwide, for this one in particular. Pope Francis called John Paul the “Pope of the family,” and he was that in a very broad sense, which included a strong defense of marriage and the right to life of everyone from conception to natural death. . . . Read more

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle

On September 29, 2008, the Feast of the Archangels, Human Life International launched its Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer Campaign for the Conversion of Abortionists. Recognizing that the fight against the culture of death is primarily a spiritual battle, the prayer campaign was designed to encourage the faithful after every Mass to seek Saint Michael’s . . . Read more

Joseph Meaney Discusses HLI Documentary on From the Median Radio

Human Life International Director of International Coordination Joseph Meany joined host Molly Smith, president of Cleveland Right to Life, last week on her radio program From the Median to talk about HLI’s documentary “Central America and Mexico: Fighting for Life, Faith and Family.” From the Median is a radio program on Salem Radio’s WHKW 1220 . . . Read more