HLI Makes Pro-Life List with new Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life

The new Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life in Rome has published a list of thirteen pro-life websites (http://www.laityfamilylife. va/content/laityfamilylife/it/ sezione-vita/siti-web-pro- vita.html). Human Life International (HLI) is one of only two U.S. organizations mentioned. A dicastery is a department of the Roman Curia that assists the Holy Father in fulfilling the numerous pastoral and administrative . . . Read more

Why the Pontifical Academy for Life Must Be Unapologetically Pro-Life

An Anglican ethicist who believes abortion should be legal up to 18 weeks of pregnancy has been appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) by Pope Francis. Many pro-life activists are very unhappy with the appointment. Austen Ivereigh has argued that such concerns are fundamentally ideological, rather than moral. The appointment of Rev. Nigel . . . Read more

Planned Parenthood is not on your side; We are.

Open letter to Alexis Rhiannon, author of “I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood — and I’m not ashamed.” By Andrea Cardenal Hi, Alexis. You don´t know me, and I don´t know you, other than through your article in Salon. As will become clear, I´m not here to attack you, or to judge you. I . . . Read more

Rest in Peace, Professor Charles E. Rice

Statement from Human Life International on the passing of Charles E. Rice, Professor Emeritus of Law at Notre Dame: With the passing of Notre Dame professor Charles E. Rice, the pro-life and pro-family faithful have lost a great champion of life and faith. Professor Rice collaborated often with HLI’s founder Father Paul Marx OSB, and with . . . Read more

Pro-Life “Caravan” to Launch in the Philippines

CEBU, Philippines – According to Dr. Rene Bullecer, the director of HLI Philippines, Filipino youth are the main targets of the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Law. To combat and neutralize the law’s evil effects on children and teens, Dr. Bullecer plans to launch Pilipinas Caravan for Youth & Life. Although the program will begin with only . . . Read more

HLI Poland Exposes CAHVIO’s Radical Agenda

The dismantling of the traditional Polish family is imminent if Polish legislators ratify a mislabeled international convention directed at combating domestic violence. According to Ewa Kowalewska, director of HLI Poland, strong anti-life measures in the document have been exposed, and the Polish people have let politicians know that there will be consequences if the convention . . . Read more

A Tribute to William E. May: Free Choice – Individual and Communal

Last Saturday, the pro-life community lost a great friend and defender of Life and Faith, Dr. William E. May. With his exceptional ability to articulate Church teaching on moral theology and bioethics, Dr. May successfully challenged the Culture of Death. He leaves behind a rich legacy of pro-life contributions – hundreds of well-formed students, profound . . . Read more

3 Pro-Life Reasons for Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to offer three reasons to be grateful from a pro-life perspective. Here and abroad, the pro-life movement has made great gains as more people engage in the fight to defend life, faith, family, and marriage. As it stands today, not one United Nations treaty mentions abortion, and abortion . . . Read more

To Clear Up Any Confusion This Election Season…

Almost every election season you see Catholic politicians on the ballot who don’t adhere to the teachings of the Faith on Life and Family issues—causing scandal within the Church. You hear them say things like, “I’m personally against abortion, but won’t legislate that way,” or, “I’m pro-life, except in certain cases . . .” Many . . . Read more