AIDS Seminar Highlights Dangers of Condoms

  Tagbilaran City, Philippines — In observance of World AIDS Week, 200 graduating maritime students at the Philippines Maritime Institute recently attended a pro-life seminar given by HLI Philippines country director Rene Bullecer, MD. Dr. Bullecer focused on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. He highlighted the untold dangers of condoms, which are less effective than most . . . Read more

Abortion on the Horizon in the Philippines?

In 1974, Human Life International Founder Father Paul Marx visited the Philippines for the first time and encountered a wondrous culture steeped in profound love for life, family and God. During his trip he spoke to various groups about the issues surrounding the legalization of abortion in the United States. He was concerned that the . . . Read more

Supreme Court Ruling on RH Law in Philippines Threatens Life, Family

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 8, 2014 – CONTACT: Adam Cassandra – 540-622-5230 – FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – Human Life International President Father Shenan Boquet expressed great sadness and disappointment today regarding a ruling of the Supreme Court in the Philippines that the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Law is constitutional – despite several legal challenges . . . Read more

Filipinos Hold Vigils for Life in Anticipation of RH Law Ruling

Tensions are high in the Philippines as we await the Supreme Court’s final deliberations and possible verdict on the RH Law‘s implementation tomorrow. For the meantime, the HLI Philippines-initiated Vigil for Life is on-going at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral — with the main intention being that a majority of the 15-member Supreme Court will uphold . . . Read more

Pro-Lifers Pray for the Philippines Ahead of RH Law Ruling

Starting April 1 until April 9, 2014, all of the 149 parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu will be praying an Oratio Imperata for the protection of the family and all human life to avert the possible implementation of RH Law in the Philippines. On April 8, the Supreme Court will have the final . . . Read more

Corruption, Not Overpopulation, is our Problem in the Philippines

In the largest protest gathering in the Philippines since President Aquino took office in 2010, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos came together to oppose government corruption for the “Million People March” on Monday. Held at Luneta Park in Manila, the demonstration was sparked by recent exposés on how some ten billion pesos [~$223,606,345] worth of . . . Read more

HLI Philippines Holds National Lay Leaders Meeting in Cebu

This past weekend, on August 9 and 10, Human Life International Philippines held the National Lay Leaders Meeting in Cebu where 40 key pro-life leaders from 25 different archdioceses and dioceses gathered to discuss threats to life and family in the next session of Congress. During the conference, hosted by HLI Philippines director Dr. Rene . . . Read more

Philippines Supreme Court Halts RH Law, Pro-Life Leaders React

The Supreme Court of the Philippines stopped the implementation of the anti-life Reproductive Health (RH) Law for 120 days on a 10-5 vote Tuesday pending oral arguments scheduled to take place on June 18. The law, which the Catholic Church and many other institutions in the Philippines vehemently oppose due to its promotion of contraceptives . . . Read more

HLI Statement on the Final Passage of the RH Bill in the Philippines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 17, 2012 – CONTACT: Stephen Phelan 540-622-5270 – – FRONT ROYAL, Virginia – The following is a statement from Father Shenan J. Boquet, President of Human Life International, on the final passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill in both houses of Congress Monday in the Philippines. The bill . . . Read more