Gender Ideologues Are Gaslighting Us

The official dictionary definition of the term “gaslight” is to “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.” I thought of this term the other day after I read two paragraphs in a CNN article, originally published on Tuesday, March 30, about how South Dakota governor Kristi Noem [...]

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The Wonder of Natural Family Planning

What is NFP? Natural family planning (NFP), often referred to as fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs), is based upon pinpointing the fertile times in a woman’s body by observing and charting the natural signs in her menstrual cycle. There are several different ways to classify the primary methods of natural family [...]

Why the Church Protects Human Sexuality and Marriage

A few days ago the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) somehow captured global headlines for doing something that is not particularly noteworthy, and certainly not surprising. In a brief statement – called a Responsum – the CDF responded to a question about whether or not the [...]

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Criminalizing the Christian View of Homosexuality

Beyond a doubt, one of the gravest threats to the freedom of Christians in many Western nations right now is posed by the efforts of LGBT activists to outlaw any form of dissent from their progressive sexual ideology. Often, these efforts take the form of so-called “hate crime” laws. Typically, [...]

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