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The Catholic Impact on Abby Johnson Leaving Planned Parenthood

"Unplanned” filmmakers Chuck Konzelman (L) and Cary Solomon (R) with Abby Johnson, main character of the movie. Photo courtesy of the filmmakers. The movie “Unplanned” is about how brutal truth helped Abby Johnson to choose beautiful truth and redemption. Ten years ago, Johnson left her job as the [...]

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Planned Parenthood is Suing Again…and Again

"PP" Just Wants to "Help" Teens? Planned Parenthood (PP) is at it again. Suing to impose its graphic sexual education on minors, and suing to kill unborn children with Down's Syndrome. Some Down's babies are aborted in the second trimester PP has announced that its lawyers [...]

Teen Vogue crosses the line…and then some with its promotion of perverse sexual behavior

The main topic of this week's Spirit and Life is something I wish I didn't have to write about. While I will only provide absolutely necessary details, I warn you that the subject matter is disturbing and for mature readers only. I apologize for using such base language; however, it [...]

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Birth Control for Teens Who Are “Doing It Anyway”?

If pressed, many “family planners” admit that in an ideal world, all young people would refrain from sexual activity before marriage and remain faithful to their spouses after.  Such a society would have no HIV-AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases, very little unwanted pregnancy (and few pregnancies among unmarried teens!), [...]

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Profile: The United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund, or UNFPA, is one of the three most influential population control groups in the world, standing alongside the Population Council and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.  What makes UNFPA unique is that it has the full authority of the United Nations behind it and enjoys [...]

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Targeting Adolescents as “Progress”

“For us to make real progress as a country, our interventions must target this group.” -- Ummy Mwalimu, Minister for Health, Community Development, Elderly and Children, speaking of the need to target adolescent girls with contraceptives, at the opening of the Family Planning 2020 “Progress Report” conference in Dar es [...]

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Bad Medicine: “Contraception for Adolescents”

To my colleagues of the American Academy of Pediatrics, I am writing on behalf of all children and parents in our country in response to your recent policy statement “Contraception for Adolescents.” I am speaking both as a pediatrician and a mother of three children when I say that I simply cannot take your advice [...]

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American Academy of Pediatrics Mistakenly Urges Drugs Over Abstinence

The American Academy of Pediatrics' updated policy on teen pregnancy prevention makes no sense. The recommendations urging young girls to go on birth control with hormonal implants or IUDs call into question the supporting technical report co-authored by Gina Sucato, a member of Physicians for Choice. Much of the date [...]

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