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  • Central America and Mexico

HLI Documentary Exposes Threats to Life, Faith and Family in Central America and Mexico

Human Life International's documentary, “ Central America & Mexico: Fighting for Life, Faith and Family ”, will be re-airing on EWTN Global Catholic Network the same month as the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. HLI's film exposes the well-funded assault on the regional people and culture by NGOs and foreign [...]

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  • Central America and Mexico

[VIDEO] Trailer for HLI’s New Pro-Life Documentary Released

A movie trailer and several sneak preview clips of Human Life International's new pro-life documentary "Central America and Mexico: Fighting for Life, Faith and Family" are now available on YouTube. The film premieres on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) this month. Check your local cable listings for EWTN Global [...]

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True Story II – Central and Eastern Europe: A Return to Life

"These countries are in crisis. They need to do something radical to move away from the Culture of Death... and if they don't, they are going to disappear."— Joseph Meaney, Director of International Coordination, Human Life International In Hungary and Poland we find two European nations whose people and deep [...]

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True Story I – The Philippines: Preserving a Culture of Life

In December 2012, the Congress of the Philippines finally passed the destructive RH Bill and it was signed into law by President Beningno Aquino. In April 2014 the Supreme Court of the Philippines struck down several provisions of the law, but some of the most objectionable parts were upheld. The [...]

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