Unstoppable Ugandan Father Jonathan Opio

HLI Ugandan Mission Hits the Road It is said of postal workers: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But they have nothing on HLI Affiliate Director for this Ugandan mission, Father Jonathan Opio. With HLI since 2010, his Ugandan mission is . . . Read more

Two Wins in Uganda!

We have been sent. For us, being at the service of life is not a boast but rather a duty, born of our awareness of being “God’s own people, that we may declare the wonderful deeds of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light” (cf. 1 Pet 2:9). On our journey . . . Read more

Can You Stop Pro-Lifers by Arresting Them?

As this week’s Spirit & Life goes out, I am preparing to board the last leg of my trip to Belarus. I just met HLI’s Joannes Bucher here in Frankfurt, Germany, and he is as excited as I am to get rolling on this pro-life mission. Joannes, our regional director for Europe, arranged this mission . . . Read more

Using the Law to Stop the Truth in Uganda

The Month of January has been a very busy one for HLI Uganda. Despite many pro-life victories over the last several years, the pro-abortion forces are closer than ever to achieving their goal of a vote on a bill that would greatly expand legal access to abortion, and we are seeing increased pressure on pro-life . . . Read more

What Can We Do?

Only an hour ago we had been lamenting yet another incredibly bad road. Here in the Ugandan outback, it is as pointless to complain about the roads as it is to complain about politicians in America, but railing against the unchangeable can lighten the mood. But on the way out of a small village in . . . Read more

HLI Uganda Pro-Life Women’s Conference Draws Thousands

In an area of Uganda (Teso sub-region) that has been greatly harmed by the anti-life activities of Marie Stopes International (MSI), the people are thankfully beginning to see the real danger  to women’s health and the family stemming from MSI “clinics.” Last week, over 5,000 people, mostly women, participated in an event lasting several days . . . Read more

Bill Gates’ Condom Contest Will Ensure Continued AIDS Crisis

Bill Gates, the man who brought you a new and improved “third world” toilet and microwaves to treat malaria, is now, through his Grand Exploration Challenges program, offering up to $100,000 for a new and improved condom. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is concerned that many men do not use condoms consistently because they . . . Read more

Fighting the Culture of Contraception in Uganda

In Uganda, as in most parts of Africa, the culture is one in which life is respected and family is at the center. But like most of Africa, the culture is under constant attack from outside forces pressuring the government to embrace the “reproductive health” agenda of abortion and contraception. Billboards, television commercials and radio . . . Read more

Abortion is Foreign to African Culture

(LifeSiteNews.com) – So-called progressive organizations are attempting to paint a false picture of abortion in Africa. In a recent report written by Kapya John Kaoma for the “progressive” group Political Research Associates, the author personally attacks myself and the organization I represent, Human Life International (HLI), claiming we are using Christianity to “destroy innocent lives” . . . Read more

Major Errors in “Report” from Far Left Group Reveal Bias, Undermine own Credibility

While there are too many baseless assertions and ridiculously biased characterizations of Human Life International’s (HLI) work in the “report” released this week by Political Research Associates (a far left “progressive think tank” based on Boston, MA) to refute one by one, we feel obliged to get some of the more egregious errors on the . . . Read more