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Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Empowering you to build a pro-life, pro-family world.

Trump Admin Fights UN, WHO Efforts to Use COVID-19 to Spread Abortion

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / June 7, 2020 /

Openness to life is at the center of true development. ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate In April of this year, President Trump temporarily halted funding from the World Health Organization over concerns that it had grossly mishandled the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, he has threatened to make the decision to withhold funding permanent. For…

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The United Nations Celebrates “The Family.” But Which Family?

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / May 18, 2020 /

Pushing Back Against the UN’s Progressive Agenda, Which Seeks to Redefine the Family “There is no definition of the family under international human rights law.” So stated United Nations staff in a draft report in 2016. In the report, the authors claimed that the term “family” should be understood “in a wide sense”—whatever that means.…

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Trump’s Leadership in the International Fight for Life

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / February 10, 2020 /

Pro-life leaders everywhere agree that the sheer amount of pro-life activity undertaken by the Trump administration has far exceeded all expectations. However, what I find remarkable is that this activity includes initiatives that won’t grab big headlines in the media, but that are having a dramatically positive impact on the ground. These sorts of pro-life…

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U.N. Pushing Anti-Life Agenda Again at Nairobi Summit

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / December 2, 2019 /

If there is anything we have learned these past two decades, it is that pro-life activists ignore what goes on at the United Nations (UN) at their peril. This message was driven home yet again at the ICPD25 Summit, held in Nairobi from Nov. 12-14. African pro-life activists say they are outraged by the way…

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Human Life International (HLI) Kenya/Uganda Statement on the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit

By Deborah M. Piroch / November 27, 2019 /
african boys playing and smiling

For immediate release: November 27, 2019 Contact: Deborah M. Piroch Email: (Nairobi, Kenya/Front Royal, VA) ICPD25 Nairobi Summit a Travesty (HLI Kenya, HLI Uganda, Front Royal, VA) – 25 years after Cairo ICPD commitments, the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit, sponsored by the governments of Denmark, Kenya and the United Nations Population Fund, was an utter travesty,…

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HLI Co-Sponsors Commemoration of 25th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family

By Deborah M. Piroch / June 14, 2019 /

Human Life International (HLI) marked the importance of the Family at a high-level event at the United Nations’ (UN) headquarters in New York, by co-sponsoring an side event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of the International Year of the Family. Dr. Joseph Meaney represented HLI and delivered an address on how 1994 proved…

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Mark Your Calendars: Come Observe the 25th International Day of Families!

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / May 1, 2019 /

For immediate release: May 1, 2019 Contact: Deborah M. Piroch Email: (Front Royal, VA) Dear Friends, Won’t you join us? On May 15th in New York City, Human Life International will be co-hosting a side event at the United Nations. Together with a coalition of other great pro-life, pro-family groups, we will be there to…

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“Don’t be afraid of us….We are still human beings.”

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / March 5, 2018 /
Gerber Baby

Lucas, the First Gerber Baby with Down’s For the first time ever, Gerber has chosen a baby with Down syndrome as their official “Gerber baby.” Baby Lucas, whose infectious smile is certainly an attention grabber, was chosen from among 140,000 applicants. The position comes with a $50,000 prize, which Lucas’ parents say they intend to…

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There is No “Safe” Abortion Day

By Deborah M. Piroch / September 29, 2017 /

Pro-Lifers Need Not Apply September 28th the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights widely proclaimed “International Safe Abortion Day.” There is no “safe” abortion day. Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Education and Research for Human Life International (HLI), says when we hear “’experts’ agree unanimously that abortion should be legalized worldwide,…

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By Their Fruits (and Their Names) You Shall Know Them

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet / April 8, 2017 /

Sometimes a name really is revealing. The United Nations Population Fund, or UNFPA, is one organization whose name says a great deal about its true concern. It was, well, born during the overpopulation panic codified in the publication of Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb” in the late 1960s, but before the widespread abuses of population…

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