Cardinal von Galen Award – Spring 2007: Father Paul Marx

By HLI Staff / March 9, 2007 /
fr paul marx von galen award

HLI is honored to present our founder Fr. Paul Marx, whom Pope John Paul II called “the Apostle of Life,” with the Cardinal von Galen Award for distinguished and unwavering service in the cause of life, faith, and family. Already as a young Benedictine priest, he began working in the 1950s and 60s helping thousands…

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Cardinal von Galen Award – Spring 2006: Bishop John W. Yanta

By HLI Staff / March 9, 2006 /
human life international front royal sign

Bishop John W. Yanta has recently become well-known around the United States and even around the world for being the sponsoring bishop of the first religious society of pro-life priests. The Society of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life was canonically set up on December 12, 2005 with the approval of the Vatican and…

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