HLI Mission Report Downloads

HLI’s Mission Report is now available in e-book format for your Kindle or iBooks e-reader.

Note: To upload into your Kindle reader, you must email the kindle file to your Kindle email address. See instructions here.

2018 April Issue:  Kindle / iBooks / PDF


  1. Click the e-book file link to download.
  2. Once downloaded to your computer, double click on the downloaded zip file to open the e-book folder.
  3. In the e-book folder, choose the file for Kindle (.mobi) or iBooks (.epub) and upload that to your reading device.

To read on your Kindle, copy the .mobi file to your device through Airdrop (on a Mac), or you can email the file to your Kindle device or app by following Amazon’s instructions at https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/email.

For iBooks (.epub), you can get instructions for copying this file to your e-reader by searching Google for “copy epub to” in your Internet browser.