Footage from Your Lifesaving Mission into Ukraine

Your Missionaries Teamed Up with Heartbeat International to Reach Families Hit Hardest by the War.

Because of you, HLI missionaries are doing amazing work for families that flee the violence in Ukraine. Thanks to your generosity, refugee moms are choosing life in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and more.

But not every family can get out of danger. Moms still in Ukraine need your help too.

You helped families in Ukraine get the diapers they need!

Families Stuck in Ukraine are Most in Need and Hardest to Reach

Even when there aren’t bullets whizzing through town, families in Ukraine are struggling.

There is little or no food coming in. Fuel is scarce. Parents can’t get baby products. Children are going without many basic needs. Hospitals are short of supplies.

Bringing a child into a situation like that is a terrifying prospect.

And abortion is still available, tempting moms in their weakest moments.


You are Restoring Hope to these Families

Thank you for all you do for these mothers and children.

Through your generosity, you are making sure these moms know abortion isn’t their only option.

With your support, Dr. Imre Teglasy of HLI Hungary led a mission into Ukraine this summer. In partnership with Heartbeat International, you sent much-needed supplies to war-torn communities.

Thanks to you, struggling families received non-perishable foods, diapers, baby care products, cribs, toys, sweets, educational tools, fuel and more.

Thank you for giving these families hope! You are helping them raise their kids with dignity, and find the courage to welcome new life.