Brian Clowes, PhD

Dr. Brian Clowes is the director of education and research at Human Life International. He is a graduate of West Point, a former A-Team leader for the Army Special Forces (“Green Berets”), and a PhD in Civil Engineering and Systems Science. Since 1995, he has been HLI’s director of research and education, and is one of the most accomplished and respected intellectuals in the international pro-life movement. Best known as author of the most exhaustive pro-life informational resource volume The Facts of Life, and for his Pro-Life Basic Training Course, Brian is the author of nine books, over 500 scholarly and popular articles, and has traveled to 70 countries on six continents as a pro-life speaker, educator and trainer. He has appeared in documentaries, including “Blood Money,” “Maafa 21” and “NSSM: Guns, Greed and Genocide,” with Nicolas Cage. Perhaps most importantly, Brian authored the report which helped sway legislators in the 2001 defunding of the UNFPA by the Bush administration. Brian and his wife of 45 years, Kathleen, have seven children and combined have over 70 years of pro-life experience, ranging from rescues to counseling pregnant women and assisting in litigation against abortionists.

Speaking topics include:

•   “The International Abortion Situation”

•  “The Condom Conundrum”

•   “The Family Under Siege”

•   “The Demographic Impacts of Abortion”

•   “The Population Control Agenda”


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