Living a Culture of Life Podcast

Raising Happy, Holy Catholic Families

March 30, 2023

How do we slow down and enjoy our children? And how can we encourage couples to welcome children? On this episode, Maria Jones, a mom of six, joins us to talk about the blessings of Catholic family life. She also…

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Contraception Won’t Stop Abortion (because it’s causing it)

March 23, 2023

All too often, pro-lifers focus all their energy on getting rid of abortion. But as long as contraception is used and accepted, abortion won’t go away. Birth control leads directly to abortion. Why is this? On this episode, Fr. Boquet…

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Why You Need to Talk About Death

March 16, 2023

What’s the antidote to euthanasia? Can we use stories? In this episode, Amanda Achtman joins us to discuss the importance of familiarity with death. Our culture offers two responses to death: avoid at all costs or embrace it as an…

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The Dark Side of Organ Donation

March 9, 2023

Should Catholics donate organs? Isn’t it a heroic life-giving service? Not so fast. While organ donation can be a good thing, it’s often abused. In today’s society, it might be imprudent. On this episode, Michael Vacca from the Christ Medicus…

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Surviving Abortion: Robin’s Story

March 2, 2023

Robin Sertell’s mother tried three times to abort her. Thankfully, Robin survived. On this episode, Robin shares her story of growing up as an abortion survivor. Abortion Survivors Network:

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Reversing an Anti-Child Culture. What You Can Do.

February 23, 2023

As more countries experience the social and economic problems of a low birth rate, some have started offering financial incentives for couples to have more children. However, many young people don’t want more than one child. In this episode, Fr.…

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Why Abortion Is Never the Loving Response

February 16, 2023

People often use emotional scenarios to justify abortion. Some argue that abortion is necessary for cases of rape and incest, fetal disabilities, or to save the life of the mother. But abortion is never the answer. In this episode, Fr.…

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Men & Women View Bodies Differently (here’s why it matters)

February 9, 2023

People tend to view their bodies in two distinct ways. Some see their body as a tool. And some see their body as their entire being. Often, these views are split along gender lines. In this podcast episode, Mary Stanford…

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How the LGBTQ Agenda Brainwashes Children

February 2, 2023

Recently, the anti-life agenda to indoctrinate children has been taken to a new level. From pro-LGBTQ books in preschools, to drag queen story hours, to Balenciaga’s latest scandal, children’s innocence is attacked on every level. But how should parents respond?…

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Marching for Life After Roe

January 26, 2023

“Why are you still marching?” This was a common question at the national March for Life, which occurred in D.C. on January 20th. In past years, this event commemorated the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and called for Roe to…

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