Our Mission

Pro-Life. Catholic. Global.

We're your feet in the mission field

helping you build a pro-life, pro-family world.

You are invited to join the thousands of donors who are saving lives and souls in over 100 countries!

Through our global mission, you can:

  • Train local leaders: make a lasting impact on communities around the world through doctors, teachers, etc.
  • Help families choose life: save lives by providing counseling, healthcare, and other resources to expecting mothers in crisis.
  • Go beyond abortion: bring all of Christ's teaching on life and family to the world, including chastity, marriage, end-of-life issues, and more. This builds a truly pro-life culture.
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Our Programs:

Here's how you get started:


It's quick and easy.

Change lives

Our missionaries use your gift to make an impact.

See your impact

We tell you the stories of lives you change.

We know what it feels like...

To live in a world at war with your values.

To see pre-born children thrown away.

To watch contraception, divorce, and euthanasia tear families apart.

But you don’t have to feel like there’s nothing you can do. You have the power to change things. And with HLI, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re making a difference.

Our Impact Promise

When you give, you should know that you are building a world more like the one you want to live in. You can rely on us.

100% Catholic teaching

We teach all of God’s plan for life and family all the time. No exceptions.

See your gifts at work

When you give, we tell you the stories of those whose lives you’ve changed.

Make a lasting impact

Long-term change needs local support. We train local leaders so your impact sticks.

We understand that you want to be more than passively pro-life.

You want to turn this culture of abortion, contraception, and euthanasia into one that loves life and family. But you can’t do it alone. Most of us aren’t able to leave our jobs and families to go save lives in the mission field.

At HLI, we believe that everyone should be empowered to make their world pro-life.

It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to watch your culture fall apart and feel like there’s nothing you can do. That’s why we’ve spent the last 50 years helping pro-lifers like you make a difference in the mission field.

It’s simple…


You donate. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to fix it all with one gift. You’re part of a team, and every gift makes a difference.


Expert missionaries use your gifts to reach communities hit hard by anti-family culture. Through them, you save lives and train new pro-life leaders for a lasting impact.


We send you stories of the people whose lives you’ve changed through your gifts. You’ll never wonder if you’re making a difference. You’ll know.

Now is always the best time to start saving lives. Make your best gift today! Or better yet, become a monthly donor and start building a pro-life culture long-term.

You are one step away from joining the rescue team that is rebuilding respect for life and family. Take that step, and you’ll be building a future where every life is loved.