Human Life International is the world’s largest global pro-life apostolate, with an active network in nearly 100 countries.

Our Vision:

A world where the incalculable value of every human life is respected, protected, loved, and served, and the family is ordered in accordance with God’s design.

Our Mission:

To Defend Life and Family Around the World

Our Goals:

  • To alert people to the inherent value of human life and the true nature of the family, inspiring partnerships for the building a Culture of Life.
  • To inform people on issues affecting life and family by educating and training them in Catholic teaching, utilizing practical, scientific, and scholarly resources.
  • To arm and activate leaders to effectively influence and impact all levels of society in the “Great Campaign” in support of life and family.
  • To secure long-term resources, both temporal and spiritual, for the on-going cultural battle.

Our Target Subjects:

At the heart of our target subjects is the inalienable and immutable dignity of the human person, made in the image and the likeness of God. To protect human dignity, we focus on issues related to the following topics:

Contraception: The very root of the culture of death.

Abortion: The tragic consequence of failed contraception.

Marriage: As instituted by God but threatened by man.

Reproductive Technologies: The unethical procedures of procreation.

Euthanasia: Attacking the vulnerable, handicapped, aged, terminally ill and those at life’s end.

Our Target Groups

If we are to authentically cultivate and sustain a Culture of Life, we must influence those who will impact society at every level. We separate these individuals into those in a transitional state – seminarians and students – and those in a permanent state– priests, religious, and lay professionals.

Working with those whose vocation is still being determined and discerned allows HLI to cultivate a Christian viewpoint and thus instill in their hearts and minds a love for Truth and the beauty of human life and its eternal destiny. HLI forms those in transition to influence their culture and society; after all, they will become husbands, wives, parents, priests, and leaders. If formed properly, they will impact our societies and values, both moral and religious.

The second group, those in the permanent state, who are already living in their respective vocation and profession, are making an immediate impact upon culture and society. A priest, for example, has the potential to impact the Church, families, and society for 40-60 years. Think of how many people he will influence within this timeframe! The same may be said for lay professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists, and so on.

By working with these groups, providing on-going formation and mentorship, and establishing pro-life guilds, HLI is positioned to impact society in each of its spheres.

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Our Target Groups and Strategy

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Our Founder: Father Paul Marx, O.S.B.

Our Patroness: Our Lady of Guadalupe

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