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Brian Clowes, PhD

Dr. Brian Clowes has been HLI’s director of research since 1995 and is one of the most accomplished and respected intellectuals in the international pro-life movement. Best known as author of the most exhaustive pro-life informational resource volume The Facts of Life, and for his Pro-Life Basic Training Course, Brian is the author of nine books and over 500 scholarly and popular articles, and has traveled to 70 countries on six continents as a pro-life speaker, educator and trainer.

Social Problems and the Eugenics Debate: Is Eugenics Ethical?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 29, 2024 /
The Eugenic Record Office's 1912 Field Worker's Conference

If any single age really attains, by eugenics and scientific education, the power to make its descendants what it pleases, all men who live after are the patients of that power, slaves to the dead hand of the great planners and conditioners. If man chooses to treat himself as raw material, raw material he will…

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Abortifacient Brief: Why Was Depo Provera Banned?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 29, 2024 /
poverty in africa

The birth control shot, Depo-Provera (DP), is an injectable contraceptive drug that sometimes has an abortifacient effect. While the intention behind using it is simply to prevent pregnancy, it also possesses a long list of shocking risks and side effects. Related: Abortifacients vs Contraceptives: Do Contraceptives Cause Abortion?   A Brief History of Abusing Poor…

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Should We Support Abortion to Preserve the Woman’s Mental Health?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / January 23, 2024 /
upset young woman

Nothing exposes the dishonesty and corruption of the abortion industry more than the “mental health” exception for abortion. Abortionists routinely abuse this exception, no matter how carefully and precisely lawmakers draft it. This kind of deception has been going on as long as there have been laws against abortion.   Abuse of the “Mental Health”…

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Shouldn’t We Allow Abortions to Help Victims of Incest?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / January 19, 2024 /

Abortion for incest wreaks more violence upon the victim, rarely leads to genuine healing, and may lead others to believe that the “problem” caused by the violent crime has largely been solved. In cases of incest, abortion often eliminates the only evidence of the crime. The solution to incest is not abortion, but prosecution of…

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What’s the Lifespan of a Gay Friend?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 11, 2024 /
two men sitting at river picture from the back

Despite the scientific evidence to the contrary, pro-homosexual group tend to insist that living the active homosexual “lifestyle” is just as healthy as heterosexuality. Some of the claims made by pro-homosexual groups are ridiculous on their face. For example, in its comically misnamed Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed: MYTH #4: LGBT people…

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What is the Principle of ‘Double Effect’?

By Brian Clowes, PhD / January 10, 2024 /

The very rare cases when a pregnancy poses a genuine and immediate threat to the mother’s life are a source of great confusion, especially among Catholics. It is absolutely true that the Catholic Church bans direct abortion in all cases. However, the mother’s life may be saved by surgery that does not directly attack the…

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Navigating End-of-Life Care: Can There Be Catholic Living Wills?

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 10, 2024 /
patient signing last will and testament with lawyer

“Evil committed for a good cause remains evil.” “Even when it succeeds?” “Above all when it succeeds.” ~Victor Hugo, History of a Crime (1877)1 An advance medical directive (AMD) is a legal document that allows a person to specify the medical treatment he wants and does not want in case he becomes incapable of making his…

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In Vitro Fertilization Ethics

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 4, 2024 /

The Centers for Disease Control (CDCs) define the general class of “assisted reproductive technologies” (ARTs) as those procedures where eggs or embryos are handled. This involves surgically removing eggs from a woman’s body, combining them with sperm in the laboratory, and then returning them to the woman (or another woman). The CDCs do not keep…

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Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / January 3, 2024 /
countries targeted by nssm-200, the kissinger report

The United States National Security Council is the highest decision-making body regarding foreign policy in the United States. On December 10, 1974, it completed a top-secret document entitled National Security Study Memorandum or NSSM-200, also called The Kissinger Report, since Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State at the time it was written. The subject of NSSM-200 is “Implications of…

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The Dangers of Transhumanism, the “World’s Most Dangerous Idea”

By Brian Clowes, PhD and Marisa Cantu / December 21, 2023 /
genetic engineering editing dna

What Is Transhumanism? Mortality is the human condition. It is natural for humans to wish to delay or somehow escape death, or at least to forget or ignore their mortality. The ancient tales of the “fountain of youth” or other objects that promise eternal youth or immortality are well-remembered. In the modern day, an escape…

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