“Mass of a Lifetime” Brings Hope to Senior Citizens in Canada 

By partnering with Amanda Achtman, you’re creating a culture where euthanasia is unthinkable

Have you heard what’s happening in Canada?  

In 2016, Canada legalized euthanasia nation-wide. Since then, over 50,000 individuals have died.  

People choose death because of despair. This is a spiritual problem, not a medical one.  

That’s why you partnered with Amanda Achtman! Together, you’re helping Canadians embrace hope.  

Hope is key to ending euthanasia. Thank you for helping bring hope to Canada!

People Choose Death Because of Spiritual Despair

Euthanasia is a slippery slope. Activists use hard cases to “justify” euthanasia. This quickly leads to a pro-death attitude. 

Canada is a prime example. In 2016, euthanasia was rare. Today, anyone with a disability can be euthanized. It’s very likely that people with mental illness will soon be able to seek death. Please pray this doesn’t happen! 

Pro-euthanasia groups say this is a medical issue. But that’s not true. Most Canadians seek euthanasia due to a loss of meaningful activities. Often, these meaningful activities are spiritual.  

When people despair, they seek euthanasia. This is why your work with Amanda is so important.  

Together, you’re cultivating meaningful activities for targeted Canadians. Thank you for building a culture of hope!

Nursing Home Residents Rarely Attend Beautiful Masses

Spiritual activities like the Mass of a Lifetime
bring meaning to the lives of senior citizens.

One of Amanda’s projects was the “Mass of a Lifetime” for a Canadian nursing home.  

While visiting a resident, Amanda discovered that the senior citizens would watch Mass on TV every day. Once a month, a local priest would celebrate daily Mass.  

These monthly Masses were quick and simple. The senior citizens weren’t involved. But this was their only chance to go to Mass all month.  

Amanda wanted the senior citizens to have meaningful, spiritual activities. So, she decided to bring a beautiful, Sunday Mass to the nursing home residents.  

The “Mass of a Lifetime” Brought Hope to Canadian Senior Citizens

People choose euthanasia because of despair. This beautiful Sunday Mass brought hope to nursing home residents.

Every Mass is beautiful because of Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist. But Amanda wanted to elevate the experience for nursing home residents. She wanted them to have music, artwork, and external beauty as well!  

With support from generous people like you, Amanda arranged the “Mass of a Lifetime.”  

For this special Sunday Mass, a local schola came to sing. The chapel was decorated with beautiful flower arrangements and religious artwork. And residents from the nursing home did the Mass readings.  

The residents also had the chance to attend Adoration and Benediction. Afterwards, the senior citizens and visiting choir had a lovely social with an elegant cake! 

Over 50 senior citizens attended this “Mass of a Lifetime!” Many were moved to tears. They were overjoyed that they could experience such a lovely event in their home.  

You’re Creating a Culture that Values ALL Human Life

This “Mass of a Lifetime” is just one example of meaningful, spiritual activities.  

The director of the nursing home was so touched that she wants to continue this event. From now on, the residents can look forward to a “Mass of a Lifetime” every few months.  

Through projects like this one, you’re bringing hope to Canada and many other countries. Thank you for forming a culture that values all human life!