April 7 World Health Day Draws Attention to Failures of the World Health Organization

Human Life International Deems Global Health Guardian a Harmful, Disingenuous Disappointment

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(April 3, 2024 – Front Royal, Virginia) On World Health Day, April 7, the World Health Organization won’t likely be focusing on disease prevention or promoting healthy lifestyles, according to Human Life International. The powerful United Nations agency charged with promoting global health has “abandoned objective medical practice in favor of ‘emotion-based’ medicine, going so far as to state that men can get pregnant,” said Dr. Brian Clowes, Human Life International Director of Education and Research. 

The disingenuous goals of the powerful entity charged with global well-being mar any well-intentioned focus on real health during the yearly recognition, according to Clowes. He explained that the problems with the WHO run far deeper than the disorganization and politicization for which it has been criticized.  

“The WHO is committed to reducing population by whatever means are possible,” said Clowes. “This organization is no longer connected with medical reality. It is all-in on transgenderism, even saying that men can and even should have abortions.”  

The WHO’s Abortion Care Guideline, issued in March 2022, clearly states on page xxii that “cisgender women, transgender men, nonbinary, gender-fluid and intersex individuals” are to be included in those who “may require abortion care.” 

Clowes added, “The WHO is demanding the right to censor and control anything on the Internet regarding health that it considers ‘misinformation.’ And it is a huge proponent of abortion, forced contraceptives, and sterilization.” 

“Why is the World Health Organization, which supposedly exists to improve health, recommending and pushing activities that are proven to cause disease?” asks Fr. Shenan Boquet, President of Human Life International. 

Human Life International Regional Directors around the world agree that the WHO is delivering more harm than help. 

“Most people are often oblivious of the fact that WHO is in collaboration with International Planned Parenthood Federation – through its local offices,” said George Wirnkar, who directsHuman Life International in French-speaking Africa. “The WHO is planning and promoting policies that negatively impact youth and families.” 

Wirnkar explained that because the WHO persists in treating all young people as “sexually active,” the United Nations’ presumptive “medical” agency damages the mindset and physical integrity of today’s youth and harms their future prospects for a healthy, happy adulthood.  

“WHO is a known advocate for the liberalization of abortion and the watering down of existing prolife laws,” observed Wirnkar. “The so-called ‘safe abortion’ mantra has done immeasurable damage both in undermining the true meaning and horror of willful pregnancy termination and the value of every human life, both in my region and worldwide.” 

Emil Hagamu, Director of Anglophone Africa for HLI, noted that, “A full 85% of African nations have chosen to protect preborn children through abortion regulations, because the people of Africa consider human life sacred and believe that it is to be welcomed with joy, respected, and defended.” 

Hagamu pointed out that the WHO has long engaged in intentional population control, through “contraceptive imperialism” or “chemical slavery.”  He stated that “through abortion, birth control and sterilization, Africa’s population has long been intentionally targeted for decimation.” 

Human Life International’s Luis Martinez serves the organization as Director of the OAS Mission. Martinez is very concerned about the power that the WHO wields over the 35 member nations of the Organization of American States.  

“The WHO recommendations on sexual and reproductive health and rights have set harmful parameters for adolescents as young as 10,” shared Martinez. He detailed the WHO defined right to pleasure, contraception, abortion, and gender identity, which Martinez views as being far outside the actual definition of “the right to health.” 

To demonstrate the global health agency’s thinly veiled extremism, Martinez held up the WHO recommendation of abortion as a solution to domestic violence during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

“The WHO is a disappointment,” added Martinez. “The idea of having an organization that looks after health with a global approach is indispensable. However, using such a position for economic, ideological, and political purposes, is the greatest waste.” 

Martinez pointed to the WHO’s COVID-related failures and condemns its appointment of individuals with questionable backgrounds to key positions, stating that this raises concerns about conflicts of interest and compromised decision-making processes.  

“These issues alone would be enough to disqualify the WHO,” added Martinez, naming the worst crime of the WHO, “But, it does not cease to promote abortion, population reduction, and hedonistic individualism in the sexuality of our children.” 

The WHO’s own publicity delivers some items that may raise eyebrows including its unveiling of a “new toolkit empowering health professionals to tackle climate change.”  Recent press releases from the agency have promoted the WHO into the role of overseer of artificial intelligence use, social connections, contraceptive promotion, and gender dysphoria

Traditional health objectives, such as expanding access to medicines, stopping infectious diseases, and preparing for epidemics, seem to be taking a back seat at the WHO, whose six regional and 150 field offices worldwide, appear to be putting attention on everything but actual health. 

Following the global health management disaster of COVID, the WHO continues to be accused of being cumbersome and choked by committee. The December 2023 findings from a United States Congressional investigation by the Committee Oversight and Accountability reported that the WHO’s “flawed framework must be reformed.” 

A January 2024 bulletin issued by the WHO promoted the new World Health Organization Pandemic Agreement, which Human Life International says is designed to increase disease, encourage unhealthy behaviors, and distort national policies of the countries it is purported to serve. 

“Political leaders at all levels must champion sexual health as part of sexual and reproductive health to counteract conservative opposition,” reads the bulletin, which also states that, “Countries must repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality,” and proclaims that, “Upholding sexual health is a moral obligation. Immense suffering is caused when people lack bodily autonomy; control over their fertility.”  

Father Boquet pointed to the WHO’s overt protection of prostitution and homosexual acts. He states that both practices easily spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. By adding transgenderism, which compounds the problem with brutal abuse of the body through mutilating surgeries and harmful drugs, the scenario becomes even more dire. 

 “This global entity charged with promoting health is pushing behaviors that are known to spread disease,” observed Father Boquet. “That’s insanity.” 

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