Malawi Rejects Same-Sex Marriage, Human Life International Applauds Decision

Court Ruling Upholds Traditional Marital Union Between One Man and One Woman

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(July 3, 2024 – Front Royal, Virginia) Human Life International Malawi applauds a decision in late June by Malawi’s Constitutional Court rejecting homosexual marriage. The judicial ruling is in adherence to the southeast African nation’s outlawing of homosexuality as an imprisonable offense. Human Life International Malawi actively opposed the attempt to push same-sex marriage through the court and submitted a report to attorneys representing the Catholic Church in the matter before Malawi’s high court.

Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Education and Research at Human Life International, the world’s largest pro-life and pro-family Catholic apostolate, released the following statement:

“Once again, we Westerners see the wisdom of Africa. Instead of following the latest fads, Africans follow God and His plan for our lives. This is why Africa will lead the world in just a couple of decades. All the African people have to do is reject the corruption the West is trying to force upon them.”

Fr. Alpheus Zikomankhani of Human Life International Malawi explained how a three-judge panel rejected a lawsuit by two men criminally charged with homosexual acts. The duo attempted to have the laws they were alleged to have broken declared as unconstitutional and sought to have same-sex marriage affirmed.

Fr. Zikomankhani shared how he and other family advocates are happy with the court’s rejection of same-sex marriage, saying, “We thank God for the victory.”

In addition to Human Life International Malawi’s advisory role in legal efforts, the group helped organize demonstrations of widespread public opposition to the legalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage that made headlines in July 2023.

Malawi has traditionally been considered a God-fearing nation, with 98% of Malawians being classified as religious. That has made it a repeated target for so-called “progressive” depopulation programs. In January 2023, a multiyear effort to push a controversial abortion bill through the Malawi Parliament was defeated, largely due to the efforts of global, Catholic, pro-life Human Life International.

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