Pro-Abortion Violence: Setting the Record Straight

Pro-abortionists and the media talk a lot about “anti-choice violence” and an alleged “organized campaign of terror and intimidation against reproductive health centers.” Such charges were again being thrown about in the wake of the cowardly murder of abortionist George Tiller in late May 2009. While all truly pro-life groups and persons condemn all murder as being anti-life, somehow pro-lifers are depicted by many as actually supporting such acts, and it is implied that such acts are common.

The fact is that abortionists and pro-choice activists are guilty of much more violence than pro-life activists (not to mention abortion itself!), and it’s time that those who don’t know this history, especially the media, learned the truth.


Pro-Abortion Violence is Ignored; Pro-Life Violence Isn’t

media bias signs in washington dc

After Paul Hill murdered Florida abortionist John Bayard Britton and his armed escort, James H. Barrett, in July 1994 the media broadcast and wrote thousands of stories over the next several years. But when pro-abortion activist Eileen Orstein Janezic shot pro-life activist minister and radio talk show host Jerry Simon through his living room window, the mainstream national media completely ignored the story.

The same bias is rampant in TV series (such as Law & Order) which routinely caricature pro-lifers as ignorant, mean-spirited zealots and abortionists as persecuted, well-meaning heroes who suffer violence due to their selfless service for women.


Examples of Pro-Abortion Violence

It would be wrong to portray all abortionists as bloodthirsty murderers, violent misogynists, and such, as the media routinely does with pro-life activists. But the truth is that abortionists as a group commit an unusually high number of violent crimes against women and pro-lifers, and are often defended by supposedly pro-women,  groups.

Here are a few examples:

  • Abortionist David Benjamin killed Guadalupe Negron, a mother of four, in July 1993. During the abortion, he lacerated Negron’s cervix and punctured her uterus, causing severe bleeding; then, he abandoned her. Benjamin was convicted of murder due to his “depraved indifference to human life.”
  • Abortionist Malachi Dehenre killed his wife, Mysha Rose, shooting her in the head with a handgun. Dehenre, who had lost his license to practice medicine in New York, Alabama, and Mississippi due to bungled abortions, was convicted by a jury of manslaughter.
  • Abortionist Alicia Ruiz Hanna was convicted of second-degree murder after Angela Sanchez, a mother of four, died at Hanna’s abortion mill. Hanna tried to stuff Angela’s body into the trunk of a car in order to dump her body across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Abortionist Ronald Tauber admitted exposing himself to more than 700 women and young girls. After being convicted of kidnapping and raping a six-year-old girl, Tauber spent a mere 7 years in prison, then returned to practicing abortions in the state of New York.
  • Abortionist Brian Finkel, who called himself “The Prince of the Pelvis,” was convicted of 22 counts of sexual abuse of his female patients and is currently serving a lengthy prison term. The National Organization for Women claimed that almost all of the women who came forward to testify against Finkel were lying, and that pro-lifers were to blame for his prosecution.
  • Abortionist John Baxter Hamilton was having an affair with a topless dancer whose child he had aborted, and his wife was considering leaving him. On St. Valentine’s Day 2001, Hamilton violently killed his wife, and was convicted of murder in December of that year. Amazingly, pro-abortionists tried to get all charges dropped against Hamilton by sending death threats to at least three news agencies, District Attorney Wes Lane, and state witnesses against Hamilton.

In fact, abortion provider Planned Parenthood is known to hide cases of sexual abuse:



Even More Pro-Abortion Violence

We could go into more detail about the reportedly common practice of leaving babies that survive abortions to die in closets and unoccupied rooms (a practice that now-President Obama refused to make illegal on at least three separate occasions as an Illinois State Senator, even as other pro-abortionists supported such legislation).

Or the several other cases of abortionists’ depraved indifference which lead to the death of patients who try to cover their tracks by disposing of the woman’s body. However, the point should be clear. It is not a huge leap from performing the sadly legal practice of abortion to committing less acceptable acts of violence against women and children. 

Depicting pro-lifers as violent zealots who persecute upstanding abortionists may be politically correct and an easy storytelling device, but it is a gross mischaracterization.