None of the following is intended to be a personal attack on any person of any sexual orientation: homosexual, lesbian, transgender or any other. The Word of God and the Catholic Church teach us to love and respect these people, who have the same human dignity. They need our courteous help to live chastely despite issues of sexual identity. Our criticism is directed only towards the ideology that seeks to legitimize the harmful behavior and mentality of those same people, and as it applies to children, marriage, family and the society as a whole.

“Gender” Terminology Origins from Feminism to Kinsey

An ideology is a system of beliefs and values which forms the basis for a type of thought, be it political, economic, social, or otherwise. But harmful ideologies attempt the justification of a perverse vision by the dominant elites, in order to manipulate and control the rest of the population.

Perverse gender ideology consists in denying that the differences between men and women have natural and biological foundations. Instead, this ideology proposes that these differences are the fruit of a social and cultural “construction.” It alleges society and culture impose on men and women their respective roles, none of which corresponds to their natural differences.

Man and Woman He made them.

From this erroneous start its acolytes affirm that sex is biological but sexual identity what a person decides to adopt. Therefore, say the ideologues of the “gender,” there may be different “genders”—the list as extensive as the number of people inhabiting the planet.

One origin of the such gender ideology has been anti-life feminism. This feminism emerged in the USA in the 1960s, driven by the publication of the book “The Feminine Mystique” by the feminist archetype Betty Friedan. She claimed motherhood was an “obstacle” for the equality of women with respect to man and for the development of society. The problem that constituted this “biological burden” had to be solved by means of contraception and abortion, and—in time, in fact, very little time—lesbianism.

By 1969, feminists had achieved the establishment of a Chair in “Women’s Studies” at the University of San Diego, California. By the 1970s, the propagandists of extremist feminism had established the term “gender” in their elitist jargon. Another factor that gave rise to this disgusting anthropological deconstruction—again, indirectly but very real—was the sexual ideology of Alfred Kinsey, a doctor of zoology, most especially insects. Kinsey is often referenced as the father of sexual education in the US and in the rest of the world. But Kinsey and his colleagues conducted unethical and scientifically rigorous sexual experiments, both in adults (who were interviewed about their sexual behaviors) and in children (who were sexually manipulated and recorded their reactions). As a result of these “studies,” Kinsey was favorably proposed to the existence of ​​”sexual outlets” ranging from heterosexuality, through bisexuality, to homosexuality—with other perversions in between, including pedophilia.

Kinsey died in 1956, but in 1964 his colleagues established the U.S. Sexual Information and Education Council (SIECUS). By 1970, SIECUS and Planned Parenthood (see below) had already convinced the government to establish their twisted sexual ideology in sexual programs of some public schools. In 1981 Kinsey’s colleague, Wardell Pomeroy, went off a figurative cliff, publishing a book, “Boys and Sex” in which he actually spoke favorably about bestiality (sexual relations with animals). But returning to the origins of the term “gender identity,” instrumental was also a Dr. John Money, professor of psychology and sexology at Johns Hopkins University until 2006, in the USA. As early as 1955, Money had coined another euphemism: “the role of gender.” Money proposed that if a child was uncomfortable with his sex, his parents should treat him as if he were the opposite sex. That concept led to a very sad case of transsexualism, under the direction of Money himself, in which a child ended up committing suicide when he reached adulthood. Like Kinsey, Money was favorably disposed to pornography and pedophilia.

Money and other ideologues of his ilk converted the term “gender” into an ideological concept. Before the 1950s, the term gender applied only to grammar and not to people. Languages ​​that are based on Latin categorize nouns and their modifiers as masculine or feminine, and for this reason we still refer to them as having a gender. However, these uses differentiate from the terms “sex” and “gender” changed during the 50s and 60s because certain sexologists, including Money, realized that their agenda in favor of sex change could not be defended enough with the use of the words “sex” and “transsexual.” From a strictly scientific perspective, human beings have sex and sexual differences that are genetically determined: XX for women, XY for men. No sexologist can in fact change a person’s genes through hormones and surgeries. The change of sex is objectively impossible. The solution that occurred to these sexologists was to hijack the term “gender” and infuse the word with a new meaning applicable to people.

Sex is inalterable, based on male (XY) or female (XX) chromosomes.

John Money, PhD, was one of the most prominent of these sexologists who redefined gender to mean “social performance that indicates an internal sexual identity.” These sexologists essentially invented the ideological foundation they needed to justify, for example, the treatment of transsexualism or “transgenderism” through surgery to “change” sex and called it “gender.” It is this fabricated ideology that currently dominates mainstream medicine, psychiatry and the academic world. This linguistic history clarifies that the term “gender” is not and has never been a biological or scientific entity but rather a socially and politically invented concept.

And Then Came…Planned Parenthood and Politics

As we know, Margaret Sanger, founder of abortion giant Planned Parenthood, was a New York activist who promoted eugenics (the belief in a “superior” race), as well as contraception, abortion and sexual debauchery. Today, the directors of Planned Parenthood follow her legacy. They promote the LGBT ideology in their programs of sexual “education,” even against the will of indignant parents. The international conglomerate formed by Planned Parenthood, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), also promotes the perverted LGBT agenda around the world. This includes Latin American countries with the approval of their interested governments. The most significant part of Sanger’s activism in favor of contraception was the birth of the contraceptive pill, to which she contributed millions of dollars. The appearance of this drug prompted a sexual revolution and the idea that procreation can be separated at will from sexual relations. That aberrant concept has done incalculable damage to marriage and the correct vision of the human sexuality. By believing there is no need to worry about the “inconvenience” of children, many fall into the error that marriage is really only for sexual pleasure and mutual companionship. As a consequence, now compounding the error is the view that even marriage is not so important, since you can have sex “without unpleasant consequences.” Finally, now society has become so corrupt as to believe one may have sex with anyone, whether of the same sex or not. The ideology of “gender” and homosexuality are, then, the logical result of the deliberate separation of the procreation of sexual relations and the consequent degradation of the institution of marriage in the collective consciousness. All this has been the bitter fruit of contraception.

Feminism rejects women who embrace motherhood.

Let’s now turn to the issue of the promoters of the “gender” ideology. One of them was the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Shortly after taking office, Obama declared himself in favor of the so-called homosexual “marriage.” From that moment his promotion of the ideology of “gender” and LGBT was inexorable and fanatical. Under his direction, the Department of Education ordered public schools to accommodate transsexual students, on pain of losing federal subsidies. The Obama effect has also contributed to LGBT groups wanting to impose “Transsexual Awareness Month” in schools and bisexual restrooms.

Outside the U.S., the first promoter of this infamous ideology is the U.N. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990), although it has very good articles in defense of minors, also has others implying that they have autonomy equal to that of adults, with the consequent abuse of paternal rights. At the Beijing Conference on Women (1995), the U.N. coined the terms “gender perspective” and “gender equity.” Although in none of its multiple appearances in the final document these ambiguous terms are equated with homosexuality, the other euphemism used, “various forms of family,” implies families may made up of two homosexuals or two lesbians. The Organization of American States (OAS) is another supranational entity that has been dedicated in recent times to promote the ideology of gender. Already in 1994, the OAS launched the gender concept in the document of its “Convention against Violence against Women.” The manipulation of noble causes is a constant strategy of this and other anti-life organizations. In 2009, the OAS proposed the inclusion of the “gender perspective” in all social programs, both hemispheric and national. The new Secretary General, Luis Almagro Lemes, is in favor of abortion, homosexual “marriage” and the legalization of marijuana—which he considers signs of “progress.” Finally, the OAS issued a communiqué by which it requires the countries of its hemisphere that have not legalized so-called homosexual marriage to do so. Implicit in this requirement is also the order that the LGBT ideology be implemented in all educational, health and cultural institutions of society.

There is no doubt that when a culture loses faith, the next thing it loses is the reason. We refer to practical reason, that is, wisdom or moral good sense. For that, one must turn to the doctrine of the Catholic Church and the natural law. We hope this doctrine helps cure or at least alleviate, even partially, the madness inherent in the ideology of “gender,” which is nothing but a degenerate ideology.



This article has been based and has its sources in the dossiers Vida Humana Internacional has published on sexual “education.” homosexuality, feminism and the ideology of “gender”, which can be found at We highlight the excellent article by Lic. Marlene Gillette-Ibern, Esq., Legal Advisor of VHI. It has also been based on the excellent statement of the American College of Pediatricians entitled “Gender Dysphoria in Minors”, which we at Human Life International had the honor of translating into Spanish at the request of the directors of that institution. The reader should not confuse this school with the American Academy of Pediatrics, whose board, unfortunately, has accepted the ideology of “gender.”


  1. Avatar Milagres Pereira on October 26, 2018 at 10:52 PM

    I guess what all of us require is to get back to God who alone can give us proper sense and direction in these chaotic times. Good article!

  2. Avatar Sarah Schroeder on March 30, 2020 at 5:38 AM

    I’m a freshman in Collage who’s a female and I’m sick of LGBT and Feminist telling me how I should think and speak. They call everyone who doesnt think like them nazis and it makes me sick. Homosexuality is totally degenerate. theres currently an HIV outbreak in our school and so far it’s only been contracted in the LGBT community. How is that possible? They put no value in who they sleep with. It’s classic deviant behavior.

    • Avatar HLI Staff on April 3, 2020 at 10:43 AM

      Thank you sharing your first-hand college experience with us, Sarah.

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