The Violence of the “Pro-Choice” Movement

When an entire movement is dedicated to the extermination of a class of helpless human beings simply because they are inconvenient, we should not be surprised when many of its supporters become desensitized and move on to commit other types of violence.  But it is still scandalous that the national media ignores these acts of violence and their association with “pro-choice” ideology.

Whenever a “pro-choicer” assaults a pro-lifer, burns down a crisis pregnancy center, or smashes the windows in a church, the local media usually report fairly on the incident.  The national news services, however, usually consider such incidents beneath their notice.  This means that interested parties must dig a little in order to find documented evidence of extreme pro-abortion violence.  It also means that almost everyone is astonished when they learn that pro-abortionists have committed more than 400 documented homicides since Roe v. Wade and an incredible 226 homicides just since the year 2000 — and this does not include hundreds of fatal botched abortions!

Let us begin with an examination of deadly and extreme crimes against persons committed by both “sides” in the long battle over abortion.  This includes homicides and attempted homicides, kidnapping, torture, rape, incest and violent sexual crimes against women and children.

As we saw in the last column, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) claims that pro-lifers are guilty of committing more than 180,000 acts of “violence and harassment.”  Of these, exactly 29 fall into the category of deadly or extreme violence.  Meanwhile, Human Life International has documented 1,123 incidents of deadly or extreme violence by pro-abortionists on its Abortion Violence Web site [note: this site is currently under construction for maintenance and offline at the present time].

This means that pro-abortionists have committed 38 acts of extreme violence for every one committed by pro-lifers ― but which have we all heard about more?

In the category of less serious crimes against persons resulting in actual injury (assault and battery, sexual harassment, coercion, extortion, endangering or wounding others, and forced abortions), the NAF alleges 191 incidents for pro-lifers.  By comparison, pro-abortionists have committed 5,516 such crimes, a ratio of nearly thirty to one.

Finally, we have property crimes ― arson, firebombing, burglary, vandalism, destruction of property, theft, trespassing, larceny and butyric acid attacks.  Here, pro-life crimes outnumber pro-abortion crimes by a count of 4,243 to 904.

These statistics highlight three vivid contrasts between the pro-life and “pro-choice” movements.

The first is that deadly “pro-choice” violence has been reported at least since 1965, and has only increased in frequency over time.  2003 was the bloodiest year, with “pro-choicers” murdering 28 people.  They also murdered 25 people in 2002 and 24 people in both 2008 and 2009.  In fact, “pro-choicers” have averaged more murders per year since 1973 (that’s forty years in a row) than so-called “pro-lifers” have in the entire history of the conflict over abortion!

Deadly “pro-life” violence only began when the pro-abortion movement started to choke off peaceful means of protest through Congress and the courts.  Michael Griffin committed the first “pro-life” murder in March 1993, just two weeks after Congress began to selectively crack down on peaceful protest with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Bill.  There were no murders at all during the presidency of George Bush during the years 2001-2009; then Scott Roeder murdered abortionist George Tiller just four months after Barack Obama took office.

Second, “pro-life” violence is almost always directed at the burning and destruction of abortion mills.  In fact, clinic bombers have testified during their trials that they carried out their activities in the middle of the night to avoid hurting anyone.  By contrast, the vast majority of “pro-choice” violence is directed against human beings.

Pro-abortion assaults often take the form of kicking, punching, slapping and spitting on small children, women and elderly adults.  They like their victims — born or preborn — to be helpless.  Of the 420 people we know of who have been killed by “pro-choicers” since Roe v. Wade (not including fatal botched abortions), 95 percent of the victims have been women and children.

Abortionists and pro-abortion activists have violently attacked those who oppose them in literally hundreds of incidents.  They have attacked pro-lifers with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, and other pro-abortionists have applauded and supported these actions.  They have raped, forcibly aborted and killed their patients.  Abusive men who want their partners to get abortions have tortured and murdered their girlfriends and wives.  Abortionists have botched third-trimester abortions and callously walked away to leave their victims to die — and then have tried to justify their cowardice and negligence with whining and empty excuses.

The most pitiful deaths are those of pregnant mothers.  “Pro-choicers” have raped, tortured, beaten, strangled, poisoned, stabbed, burned, murdered, and even buried alive pregnant women, many of them in their last trimester.  It boggles the (pro-life) mind and arouses both intense pity and anger when one imagines some “pro-choice” man torturing and murdering a poor woman who is pregnant and who cannot defend herself.  And it staggers the imagination to realize “pro-choice” groups almost never denounce this kind of sickening violence.  In fact, in many cases “pro-choice” groups have opposed charges being brought against the murderer for the killing of the preborn child!

The murder of pregnant women by “pro-choice” men happens far more often than most people suspect.  At least three major studies have shown that the most common cause of fatalities among pregnant women is murder, and statistics show that almost one-third of these are due to pro-abortion men who kill their wives or girlfriends simply because they are pregnant.  This amounts to 25 to 30 women being murdered every year because they refuse to have abortions.

“But wait!,” they will say.  “Men who force women to have abortions are truly “pro-abortion,” not “pro-choice!””

Sorry, but that argument doesn’t fly.  Murder of a pregnant woman because she would not have an abortion was almost unheard of before Roe v. Wade.  But, once abortion was legalized and was made freely and easily available, it was natural that self-centered and unscrupulous men who got their girlfriends pregnant would see abortion as the easy way out ― for them.  They simply cannot comprehend why, if their girlfriends could get an abortion just a few blocks or miles away, they do not instantly take advantage of the opportunity.  In other words, the “pro-choicers” created the atmosphere which makes such murders possible by making abortion appear to be trivial.  The “pro-choicers” have endlessly called preborn children “blobs of tissue,” and have said that having an abortion is like “removing a wart” or “clipping a fingernail.”  Many men, believing this nonsense, simply cannot understand why women would not want to undergo this inexpensive and allegedly trivial medical procedure.

Interestingly, when an abortionist or abortion mill worker is murdered by a so-called “pro-lifer,” every pro-abortion group indignantly demands that every pro-life group condemn the killing.  For example, Planned Parenthood distributed a document entitled “10 Things You Can Do To Stop Clinic Violence.”  Item number 8 reads “Demand of anti-choice leaders that they condemn the murders of reproductive health care providers and disavow those who advocate and justify violence, bombing, stalking, and murder.  Let them know their statements must be clear and unequivocal.”

Now, let’s see ― If we tally up the “score,” we see that 654 women have died of so-called “safe” and legal abortion since 1973.  Additionally, 420 people have been murdered by abortionists, leading “pro-choice” activists and, most of all, by boyfriends demanding that their girlfriends get abortions.

In summary, then, if we count the murders of only born human beings, the “pro-choicers” are guilty of far more than the “pro-lifers” — 1,074 to 8.

So the next time anyone talks about “anti-choice violence” and demands that you condemn it, tell him that the apology must be mutual; if you are going to apologize for violence you were not involved in, he or she must also apologize for the thousands of women killed and wounded since the advent of legalized abortion.

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        1. Hi Tara, we are checking on this. We had a website previously online that is no longer “up” which contained all those references. We hope to get the article updated soon.

          1. Greg, this is an excellent question. We wish we could put up this information, but we are charity running on donations. Our old website came down for some reason, and now it would cost funds to rebuild it. Donations towards this cause are welcome! If you have a specific question, we would be happy to forward it to our chief researcher (just write God bless.

  1. What happened to your Pro-Choice Violence website ( It was such an amazing compilation of all the years of violence against pro-lifers to counter the common narrative about pro-lifers as the violent ones. It even included examples (many of which can be confirmed by newspaper sources via google) of women who were murdered after they decided to not have an abortion.

    Now it appears the domain name is up for sale and the site is gone. What happened to it? Will it be back? Is there a way to access the former content that was on that site? I had downloaded a lot of it and if HLI isn’t going to use the site I would love to reactivate it!

    Thank you in advance! I really don’t understand why this material would’ve been taken down. If you’re rebuilding the site then at least leave the old in its place?

    1. Kristine, this is an excellent question. For some reason HLI let the site lapse, but being with HLI only 2 years, I cannot find out when no one seems to know. I think it was overlooked. We are in discussions on whether to put it back up, as it all costs money. Our professional researcher, Dr. Brian Clowes, spent 8 months on this and has all the research, but it needs to be updated. When you say you would like to reactivate it, what do you mean? We would have to hire a web designer to put it all back up there and do the updates. So it won’t happen overnight. Maybe we will find a donor to pay for the cost. 😉

      1. Until the information and clear stats are made available ((again?) the credibility is completely shot. We need this information! Critics will affirm willful duplicity in your claims even with references.

        1. We would be delighted to put up this information, but we are charity running on donations. Our old website came down for some reason and now it would cost funds to rebuild it. Donations towards this cause are welcome! If you have a specific question, we would be happy to forward it to our chief researcher (just write God bless.

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