Automatic Gift Plan

You can make a special impact on the fight to build a Culture of Life through HLI’s Automatic Giving Program!

Human Life International’s pro-life missionaries are fighting to defend the sanctity of Life and Family 365 days a year in every corner of the world. The promoters of the Culture of Death are working non-stop to impose their evil agenda, so taking a break in the fight for LIFE just isn’t an option!
You can help make sure our critical life-saving efforts in over 100 countries (such as HLI’s Seminarians for Life International program, international pro-life conferences and marches, crisis pregnancy centers, etc.) won’t be slowed down due to lack of resources when you enroll in HLI’s Automatic Giving Program (AGP).

AGP is the fast, efficient way to support our pro-life mission, which Pope Saint John Paul II called “the most important work on earth.” Plus it saves you the time and hassle of writing a mailing a check or calling with credit card information.

With the Automatic Giving Program, your gift is automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account securely and conveniently. You can choose to set up your automatic gift monthly or quarterly.

You can change the amount and frequency of your gift, or cancel your enrollment at any time.


Why the Automatic Gift Plan?

Human Life International’s Automatic Gift Plan makes your monthly or quarterly contribution easier for you and more efficient for HLI. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You ensure continuous support for HLI’s pro-life missionaries fighting to defend LIFE from conception until natural death worldwide.
  • AGP makes your contribution more effective than ever because it reduces HLI’s direct mail and administrative costs.
  • Your monthly bank or credit card statements will automatically reflect your gifts to HLI, giving you a convenient record of your contributions.
  • You no longer have to write a check, address, seal, stamp, and mail an envelope each month.
  • You need not be concerned with long mail delays or the possibility of lost or stolen checks.


Will I Be “Locked in” to the Giving Program?

Absolutely not! You are not “locked in” to any specific gift amount. You may change your contribution amount any time you wish, or even stop automatic donations entirely. It’s up to you—you are in complete control. The AGP is totally free and voluntary, and is not in any way a “contract.” It’s just designed to make things easier and more efficient.

Being an AGP Donor Helps Save Even More Lives

agpdonateLike all other non-profit groups, Human Life International must spend money for our fundraising efforts.  But unlike some other organizations, HLI receives neither federal funding nor huge grants from corporations. And although HLI is a Catholic apostolate, HLI is not funded by the Vatican or any Catholic Church entity. We must work to “earn” the money we need to operate.
The Automatic Gift Plan will reduce our mailing costs and allow us to channel more of our time and resources into our pro-life missionary apostolate. That means by signing up now for the Automatic Gift Plan, you are helping HLI make your contribution more effective than ever in the fight for life!


Three Ways to Join the HLI Automatic Gift Plan:

  1. Sign up online
  2. Call the HLI Finance Department at 540-622-5225
  3. Download a form which can be mailed in