Our Strategy and Methods

Our Strategy

The culture of death takes over a very small but influential group of organizations and “pushes down” on the Church and Family, either by corrupting them or, if they resist strongly, by sidelining them through a systematic program of ridicule and stereotyping.

By contrast, the Culture of Life consists by its very nature of grassroots movements, supported and affirmed by the teaching of the Church and Magisterium.

Our job is to support the Church and the Family and to make both invulnerable to the baleful programs of the culture of death. Therefore, we rise from below while the culture of death puts pressure on the Church and the Family by diluting its meaning and significance. The final victory of the culture of death will only occur if the Church and the Family are so fundamentally corrupted that there is no difference between those who participate in the life of the Church and those who do not, and those who are in “traditional” families and those who are not.

Our Methods

HLI has also established, in its nearly 5 decades of pro-life and family activity, a network of affiliates who, alongside the regional directors, oversee, manage, and implement various pro-life and family programs in their respective territories. HLI believes it is always best to collaborate with local leaders and assist them, since they are best equipped to confront local issues, and they know the culture and language. We partner with them using the following methods:

Organizing the pro-life movement in each of these regions consists in creating strategies best suited for that region’s needs, planning and implementing training sessions for seminarians, priests, religious, students, various lay professionals, and other pro-life leaders, supporting Church leadership on Life and Family issues, and assisting with grassroots movements such as pregnancy help centers, counseling, prayer vigils, and marches for life.

Training consists in providing expert leaders for lectures and seminars on Life and Family issues.

Equipping pro-life and family leaders means providing books, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and other resources that can be used in their own missionary work to defend Life and Family and promote a Culture of Life.

Mentoring consists in maintaining relationships, providing continuing education, following up with trainees to ensure consistency in their training programs, and offering ongoing assistance to leaders in their efforts to educate and train others.