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The Price of Life: Exploring the Human Cost of Surrogacy

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / March 14, 2024 /

 What’s the problem with surrogacy? How is it different from adoption? Does the surrogacy industry exploit vulnerable women? On this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet unpacks the problems with surrogacy. He also shares his experience in the mission field, where both surrogacy and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are common problems. Often, people assume that these…

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A Child’s Future Turns on His Parents’ Marriage

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / March 7, 2024 /

 Why do children require their biological parents’ marriage? How does a couple’s relationship impact their child’s development? Today, many children grow up in broken homes. This often negatively impacts their future. Children thrive within the marriage of their biological parents. So, how can couples help their marriage thrive? How can parents give their children…

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Cultural Pushback Against Euthanasia in Canada

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / February 29, 2024 /

 Why do people get euthanized? And how can we create a culture where euthanasia is unthinkable? Canada’s stats are shocking. Since 2016, over 50,000 individuals have died from legal euthanasia and assisted suicide. So, what can you do? Right now, Amanda Achtman is on a mission to end euthanasia in Canada. Through her project…

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Ukraine Caught Between Russian Guns and U.S. Abortion Demands

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / February 22, 2024 /

 How has the war with Russia changed pro-life work in Ukraine? Why is this the best time to promote life and family? And do Americans really understand Ukrainian values? On today’s episode, we interview Genia Samborska (HLI’s affiliate in Ukraine) and Valentyna Pavsyukova. Join us for an in-depth discussion about the fight for life…

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Annulments Procurator Tells the Story Behind the Data

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / February 15, 2024 /

 Why are 90% of annulments granted by the Catholic Church? Can you trust the Tribunal’s decision? Why did annulment numbers increase? On this episode, we interviewed Fr. Michael Duesterhaus. He is a procurator/advocate and has presented many formal cases over the years. Today, he gives an insider’s look at the annulment process. He also…

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NSSM-200: The USA’s Blueprint for Depopulation

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / February 8, 2024 /

 Have you ever heard of the Kissinger Report? Officially, National Security Study Memorandum-200 (NSSM-200), this report is the USA’s blueprint for population control. Released in 1974, the Kissinger Report is 50 years old this year. It’s never been rescinded, so this is still the official U.S. policy. On today’s episode, Fr. Boquet discusses the…

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Abortion Survivors Left to Die: What Jill Stanek Saw

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / February 1, 2024 /

 Infanticide and abortion go hand-in-hand. Afterall, the only difference is the baby’s location. Both acts kill an innocent child. When Jill Stanek was working as a nurse in 1999, she discovered that her hospital was performing abortions. Many preborn babies would be delivered early and then left to die in the hospital’s utility room.…

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A Journey Back from Same Sex Attraction | Jessica Owens

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / January 25, 2024 /

  How can you help someone struggling with same-sex attraction? How can Christians minister to the LGBTQ community and speak the truth about God’s plan for marriage? In this interview with Jessica Owens, she shares her journey back from same-sex attraction. After living a lesbian lifestyle for years, she realized the truth and beauty of…

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A Hard Look at Annulment Data Raises Questions About the Process

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / January 18, 2024 /

  In the past 60 years, annulment rates have skyrocketed in the U.S. Meanwhile, marriage rates are down. What’s up with that? Is the marriage annulment process breaking down our understanding of the sanctity of marriage? In this interview with John Clark, we discuss his new book Betrayed Without a Kiss: Defending Marriage After Years…

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Adult Stem Cells: A Better Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / January 11, 2024 /

What are stem cells? What’s the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells? Which type of research is more effective? To get embryonic stem cells, scientists must kill a days-old human. But adult stem cells can be ethically sourced from umbilical cords, bone marrow, and other cells from a human body. Not a…

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