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How Birth Control Disrupts Chemistry in Relationships | Dr. Joe Malone

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / January 4, 2024 /

  What type of men do women want? How does birth control affect the science of relationships? Can the pill make you choose the wrong man? Hormonal birth control negatively affects a woman’s mental and physical health. And it also alters chemical attraction between men and women. Because birth control disrupts a woman’s hormonal cycle,…

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Pro-life Policies Worldwide Threatened by EU-ACP Treaty

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / January 2, 2024 /

  You won’t hear about the EU-ACP Agreement in the media. But you should. If it is ratified, this international treaty (also called the Samoa Agreement) will force 79 countries to legalize abortion, LGBTQ ideologies, and comprehensive sex-education for 20 years. Moreover, the terms of the treaty will give the European Union controlling votes at…

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Inside Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Education: Selling Abortion to Kids

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / December 21, 2023 /

What does Planned Parenthood teach kids in schools? How does sex-education funnel kids to abortion? And why should you care? Monica Leal Cline was trained by Planned Parenthood to be a sex-educator. On today’s episode, she shares an insider look at Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed program. Find out how sex-ed purposefully divides children from parents, encourages…

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Positive Masculinity in 10 “Lord of the Rings” Characters

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / December 14, 2023 /

Is Aragorn the epitome of masculinity? How do Lord of the Rings characters model masculine virtues? Why is this even important? Right now, there’s a masculinity crisis in society. People talk about toxic masculinity. Boys don’t know how to be strong men and good fathers. Many men don’t know what positive masculinity looks like! The…

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Does Birth Control Affect Health? An Honest Look by a Women’s Health Practitioner

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / December 7, 2023 /

How does birth control affect fertility? Why do I have weight gain from birth control pill? What are the birth control pill side effects? There’s a reason women ask these questions. Right now, millions of women are one some form of hormonal birth control, such as the mini-pill or IUD. But many don’t realize that…

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Which Pro-life Tactics Work? Former Abortion Worker Explains

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / November 30, 2023 /

Why do abortion workers quit? How does the abortion industry really treat women? Which pro-life strategies are really effective? On this episode, Kelly Lester, from And Then There Were None, reveals the motivations of employees at abortion clinics. A former receptionist at an abortion clinic, Kelly discusses manipulation tactics her clinic used to convince women…

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Contraception and IVF Are the Same Sin

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / November 24, 2023 /

Why are contraception and in vitro fertilization the same sin? Isn’t contraception anti-baby? And IVF is pro-baby? In today’s podcast episode, Fr. Boquet unpacks the relationship between contraception and IVF. Separating sex from babies always opposes God’s plan for sexuality. Surprisingly, in vitro fertilization and birth control are related on a very practical level too.…

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Biology of How Men and Women Bond Differently

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / November 16, 2023 /

Is love chemistry? How do couples bond physically? And why does casual sex biologically harm relationships? Dr. Joe Malone is a Sexual Integrity Scientist. While studying the biological and chemical bonding process of men and women, he discovered that dating chastely lays the groundwork for love! When men and women hook up, the natural, biological…

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Redemptive Suffering: Life is Valuable, Even When It Hurts

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / November 9, 2023 /

What do Catholics believe about redemptive suffering? And why should you care? Many people today believe it’s better to die or sin rather than suffer. They don’t understand why God allows suffering. False compassion often leads to euthanasia, abortion, and LGBTQ ideologies. So, how should Catholics respond? How can we help people understand the spiritual…

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Planned Parenthood’s Cultural Colonization of Malawi Hits a Roadblock

By Living a Culture of Life Podcast / November 2, 2023 /

Does abstinence-based sex-ed work? Planned Parenthood says no. But Malawian schoolkids say “YES!” HLI visits schools in Malawi, encouraging schoolkids to live chastely and quit contraception. When Planned Parenthood tried to teach the same students about unchaste sexual education, the kids chased away IPPF. Then they burned the condoms and hormonal birth control! Michelle Francis,…

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