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Charade Dishonors Saint Patrick and Parade

In Boston and New York, persons with same-sex inclinations representing gay activist groups are marching openly for the first time in Saint Patrick’s Day parades after years of lobbying and court battles. In Boston, two LGBT groups have been invited to participate in the parade “honoring” Saint Patrick – Out Vets [...]

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HLI Condemns the Tarabella Report: Abortion Is Not a Right

Statement from Father Peter West, vice president for missions of Human Life International: Under the guise of promoting “equal rights for women,” the European Union (EU) voted to adopt the “Tarabella Report,” which maintains: "…that women must have control over their sexual and reproductive health and rights, not least by having [...]

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Father Hesburgh Deserves Our Prayers . . . Not Praise

Tributes poured in after the death of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C, who led Notre Dame University as its president for 35 years before retiring in 1986. President Barack Obama, who received an honorary degree from Notre Dame despite his adamant stand in favor of abortion, praised Father Hesburgh in a statement [...]

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The Black Madonna Outside Gosnell’s House of Horrors

Shortly before leaving Philadelphia in September, I made two special stops with the Black Madonna – one a very pleasant place, and the other a house of horrors. First, I visited the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, also more commonly known as the Pink Sisters. These sisters are devoted to perpetual [...]

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Homosexuality and the Theology of the Body Part II

This is the second of a two-part series on how Saint Pope John Paul II’s the Theology of the Body can be used to help young, confused Catholics to understand the true nature of marriage. Part I is here. True love is demanding. The source of the beauty of this [...]

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Homosexuality and the Theology of the Body Part I

Polls show that most young people today, even those who identify themselves as Christians, have no problem with “same-sex marriage.” If young people today are at all aware of what the Catholic Church teaches about marriage and human sexuality, what they think they know is often only a caricature of [...]