Self-Gratification Culture is So Not Cool

Pope Saint John Paul II’s Evangelium vitae just about says it all when it comes to discussing the sanctity of human life, threats to life in the modern world, and the related Catholic Church’s teachings on the issues. In today’s culture –  where the deciding factor of an action among young people tends to be . . . Read more

My Summer as a Pro-Life Intern

Though I have always been pro-life, my passion for defending life in the public arena has grown significantly over the past few years. Like many other pro-lifers, I have prayed outside abortion clinics, attended the March for Life, and participated in Life Chains over the years. But while many young, and sadly, many adult Catholics . . . Read more

HHS Mandate Not the Only Threat to Religious Freedom

While the Health and Human Services (HHS) contraception/sterilization/abortifacient mandate is often the focus of those concerned with current threats to religious freedom in the U.S., there have been several recent court cases involving the Catholic Church which also look to undermine our First Amendment rights. Three female teachers – a computer teacher in the Archdiocese . . . Read more

Kenyan Bishops Rebuke “Catholics for Choice” on Condoms

This past spring, an American group called “Catholics for Choice” (CFC) invaded Kenya with their “Condoms4choice” campaign. Through the use of billboards and news articles, this program is spreading the message that “Good Catholics use condoms.” With this program, CFC is especially advertising the use of condoms as an acceptable way of preventing the spread . . . Read more

Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions A Step in the Right Direction

The recent Gosnell trial exposed many Americans to the ugly reality of abortion, which is often hidden behind language such as “women’s rights,” “choice” and “reproductive health.” Not surprisingly, the nation reacted with outrage and horror to the procedures performed in Gosnell’s clinic. As the images of babies with snipped necks and body parts stored . . . Read more