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The Hypocrisy of Progressivism

A Transgender Seven-Year-Old? Progressivism is increasingly an ideology characterized by rank hypocrisy and internal contradictions. Consider the following: Progressives claim to believe in “tolerance” above all else. But it is they who have proved to be the worst offenders when it comes to demonizing and vilifying those who deviate one [...]

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The LGBT Town Hall

The Intolerance of Tolerance Liberals who are baffled that Evangelical Christians showed up in droves to vote for President Trump in 2016 – and, despite the present chaos of U.S. politics, will likely show up again in 2020 – need only watch last week’s Democratic LGBT Town Hall for the [...]

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An Epidemic of Child Porn

Can the Onslaught Be Stopped? Children, including infants, are being sexually abused, and then suffering the further degradation of having their abuse filmed and shared amongst an army of online perverts, on a scale that beggars belief. “The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse,” states the title [...]

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Why “Global Climate Strikes” Are Worrying

Nature and Priorities of the Next Generation Love for God’s creation is an admirable thing. It is also something at which human beings routinely fail. And thus, there is a need for environmental activism, aimed at promoting a proper respect for the earth, and the responsible use of its resources. [...]

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Abortion Horrors Worse Than Any Horror Movie You Could Imagine

The Gruesome Violence of Abortion It should come as no surprise to anybody, but the fact is that many abortionists are not psychologically and spiritually well, to put it mildly. The mainstream media does its best to cover their tracks. But anybody who follows abortion-related news closely can’t help but [...]

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Exposing the Truth about the Odious Abortion Industry

Imagine for a moment that a courageous undercover journalist embedded herself among a group of powerful and wealthy businessmen involved in some horrific crime – sex-trafficking, for instance. Imagine the journalist had surreptitiously recorded conversations in which these powerful men openly haggled over the prices of their victims and spilled [...]

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