A.I. vs Mother Teresa. Who Provides Better Healthcare?

Is AI the future of healthcare? Can robots give companionship?

As artificial intelligence use increases, these questions will become more and more important. It’s critical that we recognize the limits (and dangers!) of AI use in the medical field. Otherwise, we’ll end up in a dystopian world with no human compassion.

On this episode, Jim Towey explains why AI can never provide true healthcare. The heart of healthcare is the doctor-patient relationship. A robot does not respect human dignity. People need people.

Mother Teresa is an excellent example of true service for others. As one of her trusted friends, Jim Towey offers a unique insight into her compassion for those she assisted.



Get Jim Towey’s book here: To Love and Be Loved: A Personal Portrait of Mother Teresa



  • 00:00 Meet Jim Towey
  • 01:16 Is AI dehumanizing healthcare?
  • 03:16 Robots imitate humans
  • 04:51 Who’s raising alarms?
  • 06:50 AI & social media
  • 08:30 AI & assisted suicide
  • 12:02 Will guardrails work?
  • 14:00 Eroding human dignity
  • 16:40 Mother Teresa & deepest human need
  • 18:15 Biased info
  • 19:10 Deepfakes
  • 20:23 Mother Teresa & true compassion
  • 22:00 Sophisticated fraud
  • 23:03 Alexa, Siri, etc.
  • 26:43 Mother Teresa stories
  • 28:48 God’s light illuminates us
  • 29:41 Telemedicine: no heart in this
  • 31:33 Book info!

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