How Films from Hollywood’s Golden Age Reveal God’s Plan for Sexuality

How can you teach teens about chastity and healthy relationships? And how can you inspire young people to embrace God’s plan for marriage?

Ever since the Sexual Revolution, healthy relationships seem rare. Kids grow up thinking divorce is normal. Movies and TV shows push casual sex and contraception on teens. And today, the LGBTQ agenda further distorts society’s view of marriage.

Without seeing healthy relationships modeled, kids risk a cynical view of God’s plan for sexuality. They might believe that chastity and marriage are burdens, rather than blessings.

But there is hope! Onalee McGraw has a unique solution to this problem. She uses classic movies to inspire teens and young people to live virtuously.

On today’s podcast, Onalee McGraw, founder of the Educational Guidance Institute, explains how classic films can model healthy relationships. Listen now, to find out why these movies reveal the beauty of chastity.

  • It Happened One Night | 1934
  • Roman Holiday | 1953
  • It’s A Wonderful Life | 1946
  • Love With the Proper Stranger | 1963



Educational Guidance Institute:



  • 00:00:00 Timeless films model morality
  • 00:03:00 Guiding audience towards truth
  • 00:04:28 What are classic films?
  • 00:05:58 What motivated this project?
  • 00:07:55 The ABCs of classic movies
  • 00:12:05 Kids in detention homes
  • 00:15:47 How do teens react?
  • 00:20:31 Why studios used the Production Code
  • 00:29:08 What did the Code prohibit?
  • 00:33:29 Everyone longs for committed relationships
  • 00:35:26 It Happened One Night | 1934
  • 00:47:00 Roman Holiday | 1953
  • 01:00:48 It’s A Wonderful Life | 1946
  • 01:07:14 Love with the Proper Stranger | 1963
  • 01:21:18 Uniqueness of classic films

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