Positive Masculinity in 10 “Lord of the Rings” Characters

Is Aragorn the epitome of masculinity? How do Lord of the Rings characters model masculine virtues? Why is this even important?

Right now, there’s a masculinity crisis in society. People talk about toxic masculinity. Boys don’t know how to be strong men and good fathers. Many men don’t know what positive masculinity looks like!

The breakdown of masculinity contributes to the breakdown of the family. This, in turn, leads to abortion and many other societal evils.

So, how do we model manhood for today’s world? Books and movies can be excellent models of virtue, since they form minds and imaginations. Many of J. R. R. Tolkien’s LOTR characters embody healthy, positive masculinity.

On today’s episode, we unpack the many masculine virtues in popular Lord of the Rings characters (both in the books and the movies). Find out what you can learn from Aragorn, Legolas, and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring (plus Faramir)!




00:00:00 Intro
00:01:16 LOTR Memories
00:02:25 Tolkien’s Father
00:04:55: Downfall of Masculinity
00:06:34 Bad Examples in Media
00:07:32 Red Pill Men, Effeminate Men, Bumbling Dads
00:09:21 Why Lord of the Rings?
00:11:00 Aragorn | Healthy Masculinity
00:13:37 Aragorn | Surprising Masculine Traits
00:19:15 Reluctant King vs. Servant King
00:22:25 Faramir | Virtue of Following
00:32:40 Boromir | Redemption After Pride
00:42:20 Effeminate Elves?
00:47:33 Legolas & Gimli | Male Friendship
00:56:13 The Hobbits | The Everymen
01:11:28 Gandalf | Humility & Compassion

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