“Sound of Freedom” and the Root Causes of Human Trafficking

2023’s unexpected box office hit, Sound of Freedom, exposed the horror of human trafficking. This modern-day slavery encompasses everything from labor to sex trafficking. So, what’s feeding this industry?

Fr. Boquet joins us today to unpack this issue. What fuels modern-day slavery? How is porn involved? And what does this situation look like across the globe? Watch today’s episode to find out!



Spirit and Life article: “Sound of Freedom” Exposing the Violence of Human Trafficking



  • 00:00 What did you think of Sound of Freedom?
  • 02:15 Why was it successful?
  • 03:38 Human trafficking is real
  • 06:22 Power of storytelling
  • 08:12 Attack on children
  • 09:17 What am I going to do?
  • 11:05 Not just a Latin America problem
  • 14:07 Migrant workers
  • 17:20 Problem in Rome
  • 20:53 Pornography feeds trafficking
  • 23:09 Danger in a small town!
  • 24:18 Modern day slavery
  • 26:12 Greed drives industry
  • 28:52 Serena Fleites
  • 30:29 Catholic approach
  • 32:38 Where do we go?
  • 37:09 Power of personal stories

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