Survivor’s Guilt and Generational Trauma in Siblings of Aborted Children

Do kids experience trauma when their siblings die from abortion? How does abortion affect adult siblings?

Often, abortion is seen as a private choice. But this isn’t true. Abortion impacts everyone. Sometimes, pro-lifers discuss abortion’s psychological effect on moms. Even fewer talk about how abortion impacts dads. But how does abortion affect siblings?

On this episode, Krista Corbello joins us to talk about abortion’s impact on surviving siblings. She shares her story of discovering her sibling died from abortion. And she discusses her ministry, Even This Way, which helps other siblings deal with generational trauma and survivor’s guilt.

Listen to today’s episode to find out how abortion impacts everyone in a family (whether they know about the abortion or not).






  • 00:00 Meet Krista Corbello
  • 02:30 Abortion vs. Miscarriage
  • 6:00 Survivors Guilt & Generational Trauma
  • 10:53 Haunted, Bound, or Resurrected Child
  • 12:44 Not a Private Choice
  • 13:48 Stats?
  • 15:36 Are People Talking About This?
  • 18:20 Pro-Choice Siblings??
  • 20:28 Was Finding Out Healing?
  • 24:32 Retreats?
  • 27:31 Advice for Siblings
  • 32:01 Advice for Telling Kids
  • 35:25 Why Beauty Matters
  • 41:30 Emotion and Logic

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